“Monday” Message – week of May 6

Posted May 7, 2019

You’ll notice that Monday is now surrounded by quotation marks. As we move through May and June, Monday will be a goal; Tuesday might be more of a reality. :). Nonetheless, please expect a weekly message from us from now until the end of the school year.

Climbers – The most common question from students these days (and the occasional parent) seems to be “When will the climbers open?” 🙂

By Board policy, play structures are closed from November 1st until March 31st. These dates can be adjusted based on the discretion of the principal. Two conditions have caused the delay in the opening of our climbers. The first is the late frost. As part of the annual maintenance, the pea gravel surrounding each climber needs to be roto-tilled. That requires consecutive mornings above 0 C. That happened late this year, delaying the tilling process at all schools. Ours was completed last week.
Once completed, the amount of pea gravel is measured. Our pea gravel needs to be topped up for both climbers to meet the minimum requirements for loose pea gravel. That’s the second condition.

I anticipate the additional pea gravel will arrive soon and our climbers will both be open for recess shortly… although the frost warning for this evening just might cause us a little more grief!!

Live Free – The results are in!!!

Live Free 2019 was a great success at Montgomery Village!

Thanks to all of you, we raised $3588 for our Nutrition Programs.

We were also awarded a $250 prize from Food and Friends (the program that is responsible for our funding etc) for being “Most Improved in Dufferin County”! And…“The Spirit Award for Dufferin County”, ($250)!  That’s 500 additional dollars for our programs based on our enthusiasm and success!  A huge thank you to Country 105 who promoted our breakfast on FM105.  Their promotion was a very big part of us being chosen for the spirit award.
Thank you to: the planning committee, everyone for collecting and making baskets, shoppers, pancake flippers, choppers, servers, deliverers, setup help, tear down help, etc.

And… Thank you all for your commitment to this incredibly important event.

Peter LeBlanc

School Council –

Hello everyone,

Parent Council is still hard at work selling off the Laura Second Chocolates. With Cathy at the helm, we have been able to sell off most of the Chocolates but still have some cases left.

Chocolates sold last year raised $14,000 for the school. Money has been used for chrome books, library supplies, bus fares for school trips and multiple other resources in the school to help keep costs down.

On Wednesday May 8, Parent Council will be selling individual bars of chocolate to the staff and students (and anyone else who happens to come to the school) during Second lunch break.

Chocolates will be sold at a discount of $2 per bar of chocolate.

We are also going to be selling cases of Chocolates, with no returning the case to the school, for $45 per case.
If you would like to purchase a case of Chocolates, please contact the Parent Council.
Thank you!

Meagan Misev

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