Tentative Back to School Plan for MVPS

Posted August 28, 2020

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! 

We are looking forward to welcoming all of our new and returning students back to Montgomery Village Public School this September!

As you are aware, the Upper Grand District School Board has put extensive plans in place for the school year. Our school has now created plans that include both operational changes (how we manage the people and resources within the school) and health and safety changes (our response to the COVID pandemic). We hope this document will help answer your questions about the specifics about the opening day and first week of school.

Please also look through our board Parent Handbook, for more detailed information about the changes for this school year.  There is also a link to the Board Website and the Parent Question and Answer (Q&A) page.

Link to Parent Handbook

Link to Board Website and Parent Q & A

Staggered Entry

We will be having a “staggered entry” for students this year. Students in our self-contained developmental classes are to attend school on September 8 and 9, continuing every day after that. Staggered entry for all other JK to grade 8 students will now begin on Thursday, September 10, following the alternating schedule in the chart below. This means that all students will come to school with approximately half of their classmates on alternating days for the first two weeks of school. This will allow us to carefully review and establish safety routines with fewer students in the building. For the staggered entry, we are going with an Alphabetical List model.

 Staggered Entry Chart:


JK to Grade 8 Schedule of staggered entry to the school year – Alphabetical List by Last Name Schedule

Mon. Sept 7 Tues. Sept 8 Wed. Sept 9 Thurs. Sept 10 Fri. Sept 11
All Students

(JK – Gr. 8)

Labour Day Holiday DD classes only – full day DD classes only – full day Last name A-L only – full day Last name M-Z only – full day
  Mon. Sept 14 Tues. Sept 15 Wed. Sept 16 Thurs. Sept 17 Fri. Sept 18
All Students

(JK – Gr. 8)

Last name A-L only – full day Last name A-L only – full day Last name M-Z only – full day Last name M-Z only – full day All JK- Gr. 8 students attend full day

Before Coming to School


COVID-19 Screening:

  • All parents must screen their children every day before leaving home for symptoms of COVID-19.  If there are symptoms, children need to stay home from school.  If COVID-19 is suspected, testing is recommended. 
  • Link to self-screening tool 

What to Bring to School

Please keep your child’s personal items to a minimum!  To support a safe and comfortable environment, students are asked to bring the following items clearly labelled with the student’s name: 

  • Knapsack or tote bag for personal belongings
  • Face masks – they may need more than one 
  • Personal water bottle
  • Seasonal outdoor wear (we are not requiring ‘indoor shoes’ at this time)
  • Only those items that are necessary for the day (e.g., pencil case, calculator, pens, pencils)
  • Students may bring their own devices, but they must be wiped by the student upon entry and before leaving at the end of the day

Note: Hooks and change rooms will not be used for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will be required to keep all personal belongings with them throughout the day. 

Note: Additional information will be provided to families about how the school will help students manage winter boots and coats when cold weather arrives. 

How Will I Know What Class My Child is In?

On September 8th, 2020 all JK to Grade 8 teachers will be calling to inform you about your child’s teacher, room number and where in the school yard to meet them on their first day.

If you have checked the school messenger app to find your child’s class placement please know that many class placements have since changed due to reorganization. 

First Day Procedures

Morning Drop Off:

MVPS Staff will be on yard duty beginning at 8:25 AM. Students will be unsupervised prior to this time if they arrive early.

Parents will bring their children to the back of the school and locate the play area/line up for their child’s class. Physical distancing needs to be followed.  (Look for the large cone with sign of your child’s class)

We are asking parents to arrive right at 8:35 AM so that we can reduce the time our students are waiting and in doing so, reduce the time larger groups will be gathered.

To begin the year our front laneway (bus lane) will be closed to parents. This lane will only be used for those students who are provided with transportation from the board, or for those who require accessibility accommodations.

Students who are bussed will be met by staff and directed to their classroom locations.

Classroom teachers will meet their students and when the class is all gathered, they will provide hand sanitizer and direct the students to put on their masks. They will then go directly to their classrooms.

Parents will be able to access school grounds on the first day, however will be discouraged to do so once routines are established. This is to help with physical distancing on the school yard. Parents will not be permitted into the school building. 

If you are a parent of a child in grade K-3, please be prepared to communicate with the teacher about the pick up routine for your child (i.e who will be picking up, etc.)

Parents are welcome to stay with their child on the first day until the teacher arrives. They must practice physical distancing.

There will be a table set up at the front of the school by the main entrance for parents to go if they have any questions. This is where you will drop off any medication and forms that are required by the office. This is also where you can drop off Life Threatening Management Plans. 

Parking – parents are encouraged to park off school property and walk to school to reduce congestion in our parking areas. PARKING at Alder Street Community Center (275 Alder Street) is available, however the area that we have been given permission to park in is at the back of the parking lot by the soccer fields marked as Humber Parking. This is the parking right beside the BMX park. We encourage all parents who are picking up students to use this location. Please do not park in any other areas at the arena.

BASP staff will get children to their designated line ups.

In the event of inclement weather, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately as it will take some time to be directed into their classroom.

Designated Entry Doors:

To facilitate speedy entry in the morning and to limit unnecessary travel through the building, each grade/class will be assigned an entry/exit door. 

Throughout the day traffic flow has been organized in such a way that no classes will be exiting doors while others are entering.

School Greeters:

A “Greeter” will be positioned at the front entrance to help direct parents/students as needed.

Many school staff will be in position to help parents if they need further direction.

Class Meeting location:

Please look for the large cone that marks your child’s class in the school yard.

Late Arrival: 

There will be a greeter at the front door to help guide those students who arrive late. This greeter will coordinate with the office and ensure your child finds their class. There will be phone numbers posted on the front door if you arrive after 9:30 AM. A staff member will meet you at the doors. Parents will not be permitted to enter the building.

Parents will need to email or call the office if they are planning to pick up their child early or if their child will be absent on an upcoming day. Notes in an agenda will no longer suffice.

Entering the Building: 

Upon entering the building, students must sanitize their hands, and put on their mask. They will be directed to class by the Greeter or staff.

Recess Information:

We will be splitting our recess times, half the school will be going outside first, while the others are eating and then they will switch. This helps to physically space our students when outside.

Each classroom will be given a designated play area and line up locations during recess. 

Lunch Procedures:

Our students will be eating lunch in their assigned classrooms.

Students cannot leave property during nutrition breaks unless they are going directly home. No students, other than family members within the same household, will be able to join them. If you would like your child to go home during nutrition breaks, please complete this form. Link is below:


Each class will have a supervision schedule and those adults can assist students during that time. It would be helpful to have your child practice opening their containers prior to the first day.

Children will be required to use hand sanitizer (or wash hands) before and after eating.

Masks will be placed on their desks (or storage containers provided by parents) during lunch time.

Students have the option to leave their masks in their classrooms during recess time.

End of Day Procedures:

At the end of the day, students from K-3 will be taken outside by their classroom teacher. Grades 4- 8 will be dismissed at the bell. Parents may be waiting at designated grade locations – the same as the morning. Parents must be practicing physical distancing in the school yard.

BASP students will be dismissed at 3:05 PM and directed or brought to (depending on age) the gym. They will be met by BASP staff in the gym.

The bus lane will be closed to parents. 

Please continue to use the designated parking (at the back – labelled Humber College) at Alder Street Community Center, please ensure that your child knows this is where their pick up will be if you are not meeting them on school property on the first day. For subsequent days, please have a plan with your child to meet at a predetermined location.

Parents are discouraged from using our school parking lot, as it can get quite congested before and after school. We are trying to keep our students safe and our gatherings limited.

Communication with the School

To contact the school, please phone (519)940-3002. Please subscribe to our email list at the bottom of our school website: 


Families will also be encouraged to download the UG Connect app. and set up an account for Messenger. Information for how to do this will be coming out to families soon.

Parents will need to email or call the office if they are planning to pick up their child early or if their child will be absent on an upcoming day. Notes in an agenda will no longer suffice.

For updates and more information visit our school website, or the Upper Grand website at: https://www.ugdsb.ca/

We will be sending home our regular package of information on the first day of school.  Please complete the forms, and return them to your child’s teacher as soon as you can.

Access to the School

Only essential visitors are permitted inside the school (e.g., maintenance personnel). 

All parents and visitors will not be permitted inside schools during the pandemic, except in case of emergency. At entry and dismissal times, parents are to remain outside the school and adhere to physical distancing protocols.


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