Class Changes

Posted September 13, 2022

Dear parents and guardians. Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 2022

Each year, schools across our board have adjustments made to their staff and class organizations based on the shifts in population that occur in our community over the summer. Our school board must comply with Ministry of Education parameters (see below) in regards to class size. At times these changes are small and other years they may impact a larger number of students and staff. This year, our numbers have grown and as a result, we will be getting two new classes. We will update our class list and teacher assignments on our website once we have made all changes.

Our class organizations have been changed by our school board district staffing committee. Due to our high class numbers, we have been given two new classes. The addition of these two classes allows us to bring our overall class sizes down. However, it will mean a change in teaching assignments and student classrooms.

We will be making changes to our classrooms at the end of the day on Wednesday. Students will shift to their new classes in the last 30 minutes of the day. On Thursday, Sept. 14th, everyone will begin in their new classrooms. 

If your child is moving to a new classroom/teacher, they will be bringing a letter home tonight noting the change. If they do not bring home a letter noting a change, they will remain in their current location with their assigned teacher. Teaching staff will help them move to their new classrooms at the end of the day tomorrow. We will need to hire more than 3 new teachers to fill our new classrooms and other vacancies. These positions will be filled as soon as possible.

Ministry of Education Parameters:

  • Full Day Kindergarten Class Size Average for the Board is 26 students 
  • 90% of Full Day Kindergarten classes with 29 or fewer students 
  • 10% of Full Day Kindergarten classes with up to 32 students, under certain circumstances 
  • 90% of the Board’s primary classes with 20 or fewer students 
  • 10% of the Board’s primary classes up to a maximum of 23 students 
  • Grade 3/4 classes have a cap of 23 students 
  • Junior/Intermediate Class Size Average for the Board is 24.5 students

If your child was absent today, we will be reaching out via email ONLY IF there is a change to their classroom assignment.

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