Posted May 14, 2016

EQAO dates:

Grade 3 : May 25 – 27

Grade 6: May 30 – June 2

This assessment is administered to all Grade 3 and 6 students in Ontario’s publicly funded school system.

The Test:

The assessment consists of two booklets assessing language and a third booklet assessing mathematics. Each booklet is made up of two sections, for a total of six sections. Each section takes about one hour to complete.

EQAO assessment questions are directly based on the expectations set out in The Ontario Curriculum, which is what teachers teach in the classroom every day. Therefore, children do not need to prepare in any special way. Students will write the test in their regular classrooms with their regular teachers and are simply encouraged to do their best and show what they know.

For more information about EQAO and to view a sample of its assessments, you are encouraged to visit www.eqao.com.

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