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Posted September 1, 2017

Transitions to School in the Fall

Returning to school is both an exciting time as well as one that can be challenging for some of our students. As our students get ready for new September routines, here are some tips to support parents on things to consider when the new school year is beginning again:

• If you are new to the school community, make an appointment to meet your child’s school team so that you can develop a relationships with the school and learn the school based routines alongside your child. (Month of September)

• Connect your child with neighbourhood friends that are in their class to help them get to and from school with a peer to make the transitions more fun.

• Consider adapting your child’s bedtime routine by returning to an earlier ‘school day’ schedule before school starts, aiming for 10hours of sleep a night.

• Sit and plan what your child would enjoy eating as part of a healthy lunch while at school. Including kids in these routines helps them build their independence in packing a well-balanced lunch and snacks.

• Sometimes when kids are older and have more things to remember like locker combinations and schedules for classes, they can get worried about remembering it all. Talk through their concerns and make some plans for how they can remember these items during a busy day.

• Walk with your child to school to remind them of the safety rules and routines. The summer is a long time and this needs to be refreshed from time to time.

• Spend time each night checking in on how the first few weeks of school have gone. If your child is facing some concerns that do not seem to be ironing out, connect with the school to see if together something can be done to support them to be happy in their new school year.

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