School Messenger App – Update Important Information For all Users

Posted October 1, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Upper Grand recently introduced a new communication app for schools called School Messenger. In the September Newsletter, we sent instructions and a code to join the Mitchell Woods School Community  group. During the initial start-up of this process the school board discovered an issue with the deployment. Some parents/guardians were unable to join the group because in the initial delivery of the app there was only a US account option. Then the company added a Canadian account option. So parents that registered in a Canadian account were unable to access the group code. They received the message “Access code not found.” To resolve this issue the Upper Grand DSB has asked all teachers and administrators to create a new Canadian group and have parents set up a Canadian account.

If you are currently logged on to the Mitchell Woods School Community group you will have to logout of your School Messenger app on your Iphone/android and create a new Canadian account. We will not be sending messages with the US account any longer.

Please be sure to indicate your location is Canada. You may use the same email address. A confirmation email will be sent with a link to activate your new account. Log into the app with your new Canadian Account and join the group using the new code.

The new group code is: F89HCA

If you were unsuccessful at entering the group code from the September newsletter and received the message “Access code not found” you probably have a Canadian account and will now be able to access the group by joining a new group and entering the new group code.

The new group code is: F89HCA

If you did not set up an account and would like to receive messages from the school please follow the instructions on the next page.  We will also have information at the open house and be available to help you sign up for messages.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your interest in keeping connected to our school.



The Upper Grand Mobile App is available today for free at either the Google Play Store or at iTunes. Use the search term “Upper Grand” to find the app.  

Once installed, your app should appear as an icon on your phone.

Click on the app to open. The first time you open the Upper Grand App you will need to click on the Start setup link to see a list of schools.

Integrated into the Upper Grand Mobile App is a powerful communication tool for sending messages directly to groups of parents, students or staff. This new Board-approved service is designed to replace other parent communication tools that are not on the Board’s Green list of approved third-party apps. Before you can begin using the SchoolMessenger service, you must install the app onto your phone. For detailed instructions please see the accompanying handout, SchoolMessenger App

Clicking on this icon the first time will automatically redirect your phone to either the iTunes or Google Play Store. Install the app.

Use the link to complete your account information

Before you put in your email and password switch location to Canada

Login using the same email and password you created in above steps

Click on Login

Fill out the verification form as a parent

Click on 3 bars in the left hand corner of the app and choose groups

Click “Join a Group using a Code”

Enter the Code to use is   F89HCA

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