Spirit Week – March 22 – 26

Posted March 17, 2021


Throwback to 2020!

This time last year we were in quarantine and had a variety of spirit days. We are thankful to be in school and able to share some spirit in person, so let’s throw back and enjoy some fun spirit days that we celebrated while we were in quarantine. 

Monday March 22nd  Mitchell Woods Monday

Be a proud Wolverine by showing your school spirit by wearing your MW gear or colours, (Purple, Green and Black).

Tuesday March 23rd Jersey Day

Wear your favourite team Jersey or team colours

Wednesday March 24th Superhero Day

Who is your favourite superhero?
Dress up like a superhero, wear their colours or your favourite superhero t shirt or accessories


There will be trivia questions sent to your classroom. You can do the questions together as a class and post your answers outside your door.

Participants with the correct answer will be entered into a draw to win a class prize

Thursday March 25th Crazy Hair and Hat Day

Remember that bedhead and always wanting to wear a hat?  Here is your chance!

Friday March 26th PJ Day 

Snuggle up in your favourite PJ’s


Spring Art Contest

Monday March 22 – Friday March  31st 

Spring colouring pages will be delivered to your classrooms starting Monday.  

We are hoping that we can colour the halls to welcome in Spring! 

You can either colour the pages provided or complete your own original art project.

Post your completed work outside of your classroom, (doors, walls, display boards)

Contest Categories include: most creative, most thematic, most colourful, most unique, most detailed


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