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Attendance Policy & Procedure

We believe that at N.D.S.S there should be well-publicized policies and procedures for dealing with student absences that are diligently adhered to by both teachers and administrators as the school is required to account for the presence of all students daily.  The focus and rationale for the procedures must be the creation of an optimal learning environment.  Teachers cannot teach a student effectively if chronic, irregular absences result in missed work.  Teachers also cannot teach a student effectively when, due to a previous absence and/or failure to do homework, a student continually interrupts a class while seeking clarification about such work.

Good attendance is essential for success in school and work.  Prospective employers will be interested in a student’s good school attendance record.  Regular attendance affects positively on your progress and the progress of the class as well.

Students are expected to be in their first class by 9 A.M.  If you arrive anytime after this go directly to class and you will be marked late.  Give your note to your teacher and it will be recorded.  If you arrive after the first class sign in at the office.  If you arrive after the first class has started without a note, all classes missed thus far in the day will be marked as “skips”/unauthorized absences.  A phone call will be made to the parent/guardian or a detention will be assigned by the Vice Principal.  There will be no grace period for bringing in notes from home.

Appointments with doctors, optometrists, chiropractors etc. should be made outside of school hours, where possible.  If a student needs to be excused during the day, a note or appointment card must be brought into the office.  When a student returns from and appointment they must report to the main office to sign in prior to returning to class.  All students regardless of age are expected to follow the sign in and sign out policy. Failure to do so will be dealt with as a truancy.