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     Here is a look back at some of the amazing events that have taken place at Norwell from September until now.

Redsfest – September 7th

On Friday, September 7th, students of Norwell District Secondary School gathered on the school track to partake in a variety of games and fun activities, in celebration of Norwell’s annual Red’s Fest. This festival was run by Student Council with the help of the leadership class, to kick off the new school year, and help to make everyone feel welcome!  IMG_0712

The first  “red’s festival” arose in 2017 and was a huge success and the school hopes to continue this tradition for years to come.

From racing in Human Hamster Balls, to playing Soccer Darts with a giant blow up target, to playing giant Jenga, the field was filled with fun things to do. Along with the games, two food trucks were on site so that students could purchase delicious snacks.  Thanks to Sweet Temptations and Beaver Tails for joining our event.  A new to Norwell student, Tyson Kuepfer stated, “It was pretty good, lots of things to do. Good food, and lots of things to keep you busy.”

Madame Morgan a well known teacher at Norwell for many years told fellow Norwell students, “As a teacher, I felt that this school event was full of school spirit with a very positive atmosphere”

Copy Of IMG_0727When asked about Norwell’s Red’s Fest and future festivals to come, Alexis Kuper, Norwell’s Vice President responded, “The event went really well, as well as it went a lot smoother than last year. I can only imagine it will get better from here on out.”

Norwell hopes next year’s event will bring the same nice weather and even more school spirit.  



Oct 5- Amazing Race

Check out this article about the Amazing Race! News Article 2018 Thanks to all the businesses and participants for another successful event!

December 5 – Community Christmas Dinner

On Wednesday, December 5th, Norwell DSS hosted a Community Christmas Dinner to raise money for our local food banks. The event ran from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm, with dinner being served at 6:15 pm. A traditional turkey dinner was served including; turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, carrots, along with a  variety of desserts.

Monetary and non-perishable food donations were also collected at the dinner. With everyone’s generosity Norwell raised just over $1100 for the Palmerston, Harriston, Clifford, and Drayton food banks with each receiving $275.  

Over the course of the night there was live entertainment by the Palmerston Public School Glee Club, Lindsay Lacroix on the ukulele, and Alexis Kuper on piano. “[The] dinner was delicious, well organized, and [we] had a great time,” stated Trish Wake, a Wellington Economic Development Officer.  

The event took weeks of preparation and hard work but resulted in a very successful community Christmas dinner. Simon McCutcheon, who was a student volunteer said, “It was a lot of hard work but I’m glad I had the chance to help especially during this holiday season.” The event ran smoothly with the extra help and assistance by student and staff volunteers.

Over the weeks prior to this event, many businesses were contacted by the students organizing the dinner, with the students asking for either food or monetary donations. Thanks to our donors, Palmerston Tim Horton’s, Mailbox Coffee, Metzger Electric, Metzger Heating, Harwill Farms, Vines Turkey Farm, Grant’s Service Centre, Palmerston Foodland, Harriston Foodland, Harriston Bakery, TG Minto, Drayton Foodmarket, Blooms on Main, Renee Beswitherick, Subway, and Anna Mae’s, the event was a success.

Norwell is proud to have hosted the event this holiday season. Without the help and support of students, family, friends, and local businesses the event could not have been possible.  Norwell Student Council would like to extend their best wishes to all of the community for a safe and happy holiday season.

December 11 & 12 – Grade 8 Tech Days

IMG_2241On December 11 and 12, Grade 8 Elementary students visited Norwell for Grade 8 Technology Days. Grade 8 were from Drayton Heights, Minto Clifford, Palmerston Public. The Grade 8 students were lead through seven stations by Norwell Senior students who are currently in a placement in an Elementary School.  It gave the CO-OP students the opportunity to lead a group of students around the school to see what it is like to lead a field trip. The six stations included Automotive, Communication, Construction, Cosmetology, Manufacturing, and a presentation by Skills Ontario. Grade 8 Tech Days allows the Elementary students to experience what their is to offer in High School.   





Friday May 31, 2019 – Charity Basketball Game

KW Titans Head Coach, Cavell Johnson Attends Norwell Charity Basketball Game

On May 31, 2019 the students of the Sports and Entertainment Marketing class hosted a Charity Basketball Game IMG_6868featuring volunteer firefighters from Mapleton and Minto fire departments vs Norwell staff. This event was held at Norwell District Secondary School in the EC Gray gym in an effort to raise awareness and funds for mental health initiatives in the community.

Representatives from both Youth Talk and Minto Mental Health attended and provided students with resources.   Head Coach of the KW Titans, Cavell Johnson spoke passionately about the importance of mental well being and then proceeded to call the plays of the fun hearted, yet exciting game.  “I think all of the teachers who participated felt really good about doing something that was a lot of fun, but also about raising awareness for mental health” stated teacher/player Robin Moore.

The event also featured a Hoops Halftime show where students competed to see who could score the most baskets in one minute. The winner of the competition, Cole Rozendal won the title of “Free Throw Specialist” and over $100 in gift certificates from local venues. The students would like to thank the following Palmerson businesses for their generosity and support:  Tim Hortons, Foodland, Subway, Small Town Pizza and Minto Shawarma.IMG_3128

“I hope this event will happen in the future as the game was super entertaining and a fun time for everyone. Everyone was chanting and cheering on the players. I had a great time” said one of the spectators Will Smart.

The game was a great success as it engaged both students and staff and brought awareness to a very important cause.   “I don’t think I have seen such enthusiasm in the student body in some time,” said staff advisor Betty Douglas.  Approximately 300 students attended the game and the stands were packed.

The organizing students would like to remind everyone of coach Johnson’s message encouraging everyone to utilize the resources available, be kind to each other and reach out if you need help.IMG_1920

$175 worth of donations were collected at the game and were donated to Minto Mental Health to assist with their goal of informing the community and aiding those struggling with mental health.