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Student Parking

A limited number of parking spaces are allocated for student parking on school property. These spaces are for students who demonstrate a need to bring a vehicle to school regularly. Most students requiring transportation to and from school will be expected to use the existing bus service.

Decisions about which student gets a parking space will be made on a need basis in the following order:

  1. Students with a medical condition that prevents them from walking to school or riding on a school bus (Medical Certificate may be requested)
  2. Out of town students who are involved in activities beyond bus times
  3. Students with jobs immediately before/after school

WARNING: The student parking lot is a privilege for student drivers and all school policies must be followed.  Unauthorized vehicles parked on school property during normal school hours will be removed by a tow truck at owner’s expense.  The Upper Grand District School Board does not assume liability for damage or lost items.


  1. Vehicles will be assigned a number  and given a parking pass that coincides with a parking space.  This parking space is the only location your vehicle should be parked. No other vehicle is to use the parking space you have been assigned. The owner is responsible for the space they are given and must keep it safe and clean at all times. Garbage bins will be located in the lot for students to pick up garbage in their space.
  2. Parking pass must be left on the dashboard of your car only and be clearly visible.
  3. Vehicles are to be driven at a speed not to exceed 10km/hr and are to be driven with respect to the safety of pedestrians and other vehicular traffic. Any driving seen as unsafe by the administration will result in the parking pass being revoked.
  4. The parking lot is for parking and leaving cars. Students are not allowed to loiter or spend lunchtime or study periods in this area.
  5. Students who park vehicles in a space other than assigned to them, in restricted areas, or who park unauthorized, vehicles will be tagged or towed away at owner’s expense.
  6. Students are expected to have regular attendance if they are using the student parking lot.
  7. Opposition to these rules will result in parking permit being revoked at the discretion of the school administration.

To apply for parking in the Norwell Student Parking Lot – pick up a PARKING FORM from the Vice-Principal and return the completed form to the Vice-Principal.

Digital Parking Form:  Parking Form

*Please note this is a new policy.