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Daily self-reported COVID cases at our school

Due to the continued prevalence of COVID-19 during the sixth wave, we will be providing  a regular report of positive COVID-19 cases that were self-reported* to the school. *Public health officials no longer inform schools of positive cases. We will aim to provide this additional layer of reporting for a short time period to respond to increasing case counts in our communities.

The information will be shared on the school website on this post, which will be updated daily (Monday-Friday, holidays excluded). 

We recognize that because schools and the school board are no longer receiving reports from public health officials when there is a positive case, and because self-reporting to the school is voluntary, the number of cases reported on the school website will not be an accurate reflection of the amount of COVID in the community.  

Should you wish to self-report a positive COVID case to the school for your child(ren), please do so by contacting the school’s main office.

Self-reported cases

Daily School Absence Reporting

The UGDSB continues to report school absences on a daily basis, which allows us to monitor trends in absenteeism rates and gives us a better sense of the impact of COVID-19 on schools. 

You can view the daily absences for our school, and see if our school goes above the 30% absenteeism threshold, here: 

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