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Grade 11 Options for Gr.12

The full course calendar is available through myBlueprint on your Cloud account


Required Courses:

Students should check that they have completed all of the compulsory courses from grades 9 to 11; this is available through myBlueprint

The only compulsory credit specific to grade 12 is:

Grade 12 English


Going to University?

Students interested in university may view university programs and prerequisites at:  View books are also available in the Guidance Centre.

Going to College?

Students interested in college may view college programs and prerequisites at:  View books are also available in the Guidance Centre.

Thinking of Apprenticeship? Check out


Completing the Specialist High Skills Major?  Check with Mrs.Bloch or Mr. Suffern about required courses.

Need help?  Your Guidance Counsellor is happy to help!



Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements

To obtain the OSSD, students earn 30 credits of 110 hours each, including 18 compulsory credits and 12 elective credits. 

Compulsory Credits:

4 credits in English

3 credits in math

2 credits in science

1 credit in Canadian history

1 credit in Canadian geography

1 credit in the arts

1 credit in health and physical education

1 credit in French

½ credit in Civics

½ credit in Careers


Group one:

1 additional credit in English, or French, a Native Language, or a classical or international language, or social sciences and the humanities, or Canadian and world studies, or guidance and career education, or co-operative education

Group two:

1 additional credit in health and physical education, or the arts, or business studies, or French, or co-operative education

Group three:

1 additional credit in science (grade 11 or 12), or technological education, or French, or computer studies, or co-operative education


12 Elective credits

Successful completion of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

Completion of 40 hours of Community Involvement

Note:  in Groups 1, 2 and 3, a maximum of 2 credits in French can count as compulsory credits, one from group 1, and one from either group 2 or 3

Note:  A maximum of two credits in co-op may count as compulsory credits