First Name Last Name Role Email 1 Email 2 Extension
Alan Alderson Canadian and World Studies 630
Allain Brisson Arts 301
Ally Buchan Science 504
Audra Cook Principal
Andrew Ethier Teacher, Teacher Guidance 223
Angie Forte Alternative Courses (non-credit) 544
Andrea Hartholt Business Studies 611
Allison Huntley Science 523
Ashley Jamieson-Burford Teacher
Asher Kirk-Elleker Canadian and World Studies, Mathematics 507
Anthony Matthews Mathematics
Agatha Mountjoy Ed Asst - Special Education
Anna Snider Mathematics 575
Anne Thomson Social Sciences and Humanities 688
Adam Vickery Business Studies, Sec Special Ed Resource 625
Braden Barber Science
Bevin Fondacaro English
Carry Aultman English 528
Carmina Bradbury Head/Lead, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher Guidance 261
Colleen Kerr Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Cassie McReavy Ed Asst - Special Education
Corin Mercey Business Studies, Guidance and Career Education
Christal Murdoch Ed Asst - Special Education
Cindy Scenna Staff Caretaker-
Carol Shimes Ed Asst - Special Education
Crystal Voisin Head/Lead, Teacher 676
Dottie Petersen EA/SPA Approved SLTO
Derek Snider Mathematics 590
David Speers Shift Supervisor-Secondary
Darryn Stevenson Dev Delayed, Teacher 678
Erin Kipps Alternative Courses (non-credit), Sec Special Ed Resource
Gina Brusch Guidance and Career Education, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Gerald Charbonneau Head Caretaker-Secondary
Greg Hill Head/Lead, Arts, Business Studies, Canadian and World Studies, English, Guidance and Career Education, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Other, Science, Social Sciences and Humanities, Technological Education 222
Glenna Sawyer Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Giovanni Silveri Technological Education 519
Ian Budgell Technological Education 506
Jennifer Coleman Head/Lead, Science 581
Justin Davis Health and Physical Education 683
Jane Godbold Vice Principal
Janine Grin Vice Principal
Jean May Admin Ass't Vice Principal 216
Jill Milrose Head/Lead, Sec Special Ed Resource 226
Joanne Wilson Admin Office Ass't Secondary 258
Karen Allin-Sol Cooperative Education 645
Kieran Cluchey Mathematics
Karen Craig Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Kiran Denis Arts 677
Kevin Downe Head/Lead, Mathematics 639
Katrina Lawson Health and Physical Education 596
Kimberly McIntosh Canadian and World Studies, Guidance and Career Education
Kurtis McMurray Canadian and World Studies
Koven Padayachee Health and Physical Education 538
Kathy Trimble Office Co-ordinator Secondary 219
Kent West Technological Education 505
Lisa Charbonneau Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Louise Fearon Technological Education 674
Lea Hooper Ed Asst - Special Education
Lesley Loftus Canadian and World Studies 685
Luxsalla Pulanthiran Mathematics
Lisa Pyke Cooperative Education 695
Lisa Turai Library Tech - Secondary
Leigha Turner Social Sciences and Humanities 577
Lisa Unger Head/Lead, English 669
Murray Abraham Computer Studies 682
Matthew Burnside Science 612
Matthew Cabral Teacher
Mandy Clements Admin Office Ass't Secondary 221
Maria Franco Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Michelle Grierson Head/Lead, Arts 545
Mitch Page Ed Asst - Special Education
Maggie Petrou Sec Special Ed Resource 597
Michelle Quinton Admin Ass't Vice Principal
Meghan Ross French as a Second Language
Matthew Rush English
Mike White Technological Education 503
Nigel Hague Sec Special Ed Resource 510
Paul Burns Arts 606
Paul Nelson Head/Lead, Canadian and World Studies 568
Richard Alexander Head/Lead, Technological Education 587
Rob Berg Science 302
Rene Beukeboom Mathematics 599
Ryan Gillespie Technological Education 583
Romita Khindria Mathematics
Randal Mainland Head/Lead, Business Studies 557
Richard Moyer Technological Education
Roxanne Roy Ed Asst - Special Education
Robyn Vickery Ed Asst - Special Education
Susan Boon Ed Asst - Special Education
Susie Chamberlain Head/Lead, English 263
Stuart Dennie Science 264
Samantha Denny Alternative Courses (non-credit)
Stephanie Dodd Health and Physical Education 526
Shelby Errygers Alternative Courses (non-credit)
Scott Jordan English As a Second Language and English Literacy Development 560
Sandra McLellan Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Susan Schenk Science 512
Sandra Storie Admin Office Ass't Secondary
Tara MacIver English 517
Tim Neal Arts 531
Wendy Lackey Staff Caretaker-Secondary
William Power Head/Lead, Guidance and Career Education 620