Synchronous Learning at OC

Posted May 18, 2020

Dear OC families,

In the next week, teachers will be reaching out to you about Google Meet sessions in their virtual classrooms. This is when teachers and students will be meeting in real-time over video chat; something the Education Minister is referring to as synchronous learning. This is a powerful and exciting tool that will allow a further depth to the distance learning experience. As with any new initiative, there are some considerations we will need to take into account.

As we enter synchronous learning,  there are a few things to consider when having your child enter a Google Meet:

– It’s always best to start a meet with your mic muted, until you know it’s OK to unmute this. Google meet works best if you use a headset with your computer (so the mic does not pick up the sound coming from the meet). If you have a pair of iPhone ear buds with a volume switch on them – theses work great (ones without a volume switch don’t have a mic).

– Behaviour, dress code and language expectations are the same in a virtual classroom as they would be in a regular classroom. Students may be muted or removed from Google meets if they are disrupting the learning within this environment.

– Have an established ‘area’ in your house where the Google Meet can happen where no people are seen in the background, and background noise is at a minimum

– Students are not allowed to record any part of the Google meet without permission of the teacher.

– As with any school-related issues, any concerns regarding Google Meets should be forwarded to me, and I will review these

– Please do not feel any extra pressure with the addition of this teaching tool. Enter Google Meets when you are comfortable and able to do so. Other elements of the classroom will remain in place.

– Students will need be in their “ugcloud” accounts to enter the meets (private gmail accounts may not work).

Please be patient as we work through kinks during initial uses of the platform. Your teacher will be communicating with you this week about when their synchronous learning will be happening, as well as instructions for entering these.

We hope that you and your child will find this new feature a valuable addition to their education.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.


Sean Cameron


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