Halloween Costumes

Posted October 15, 2020

Dear OC families,

In recent years, students have dressed up for Halloween and participated in a Dance -a-thon as well as various classroom based fun activities. Unfortunately, this year we cannot do some of these things. This year poses several additional challenges in that we cannot help students put on or take off costumes during the day due to physical distancing requirements, and students cannot bring ‘treats’ for their classmates. As a result of these challenges, we have as a school decided to go with an ‘orange and black day’ instead of having student dress up on the Thursday before Halloween (Friday Oct. 30 is a PD Day).

This was not an easy decision, and equity across grades was a key factor in this (although older students could dress/undress themselves, it would be confusing and unfair for younger students to see them in costumes but not be allowed this). It also hopefully helps relieve some financial stress of families feeling pressured to buy a costume simply for school events. To allow students to share their costumes, each class will be doing a ‘costume sharing’ in Google classroom…whereby students can submit pictures (if they want) of their costumes (taken at home) with their classmates.

Thank you for your understanding. We will still have some fun activities planned for students, even if they won’t be in costumes this year. We will be encouraging students to dress in orange and black  on that day if they choose to.

I appreciate your understanding during this tough time.

Sean Cameron


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