No additional board-wide survey, reorganization in elementary schools

Posted January 12, 2021

January 12, 2021

The Upper Grand District School Board would like to inform all elementary school families that there will be no additional “intent to change learning modes” survey for elementary students.

What this means is that there will not be another board-wide reorganization in elementary schools at this time.  

This news will come as a relief to some as it will avoid another full system reorganization of students or teachers changing classes. We have heard from our communities that student well-being, stability and consistency in schools and classes is important, as is maintaining the relationships established between teachers and students.

While it is our hope not to do another board-wide reorganization in elementary this year, please know that individual schools and classrooms may experience some changes during the remainder of the school year due to school-specific circumstances. 

That said, we know that others may be disappointed that another intent to change survey will not be offered. Those parents should know that while an additional board-wide survey will not be held in elementary, families with exceptional circumstances have the option of being placed on a waitlist to switch their child’s mode of learning. The waitlist will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Please note that placing students may not be possible in every circumstance based on student/classroom numbers. 

How parents can request placement on the waitlist for remote school or request a return to in-person:

  • Those families with exceptional circumstances wishing to switch to the Elementary Remote School (ERS) can either inform their school principal who will direct them to the ERS website to complete a Google Form or parents can go directly to the ERS website themselves to complete the Google Form: Students will be placed in remote learning when/if possible. 
  • Those families with exceptional circumstances wishing to switch to in-person learning are to contact the principal of their physical in-person school and request to be placed in school when/if possible. 

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

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