Paisley Item Pick Up Instructions for Parents/Guardians-June 3rd, 2020

Posted May 25, 2020

Parents/guardians must complete the self-assessment tool prior to arrival:

In order to follow social distancing and to keep everyone safe:

  • You MUST use the entrance and exit doors assigned to your class 
  • Show up any time within the hour assigned to your class (there will be markers spaced 6 feet apart to line up and staff to help direct people)
  • Please use hand sanitizer on the way in
  • Once prompted to enter the building-please proceed directly to your student’s coat hooks to pick up their personal belongings and exit immediately-avoid touching surfaces as best you can
    • Student belongings will be in labelled bags on the coat hooks outside their classroom (or placed in piles on top of the coat hooks if unsure who they belong to)
    • Coat hooks will be labelled with classroom teacher’s name to help make things clear
  • Students/children will not be permitted to enter the building (note: there will not be outdoor supervision and the playground is still closed) 

NOTE: Entry is permitted at this time for pick up of student’s personal items only. No other meetings or activities are permitted. Washrooms and classrooms will not be accessible to parents/guardians. Please do not bring bags or containers from home-these will be provided if needed

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I have medication at school?

  • Medication is being sent home via Purolator. 

What if I have to pick up for more than one child and they have different time slots?

  • If you have more than one child/teacher please select the time slot that works best for you. Let staff know on the way in so that they can help you retrieve all items at once while maintaining social distancing.

I am unable to pick up during my time slot?

  • If you are unable to pick up during your allotted time but would like your items, please let the classroom teacher know. 

Can I get someone else to pick up my student’s things?

  • YES! Please send them a text indicating that they have permission to pick up for your child (include their name and class). They will show this to the teacher at the door on the way in as confirmation.

I have library books at home that I want to return. Can I?

  • YES! There will be a box at each door. Please place them in there.

PICK UP DATE: Wednesday, June 3rd

Enter: Door by the parking lot

Exit: Door at the end of the primary hall

TIME Class Teacher
9-10 Grade 1 Nielsen
10-11 Grade 1 FI Webb
11-12 Grade 3 FI Christensen
12-1 Grade ½ Gennings
1-2 Grade 2 FI Woolfrey


Enter: Kindergarten door by Kindergarten pen

Exit: Kindergarten door at the top of the kindergarten hall

TIME Class Teacher
9-10 Kindergarten Senitt
10-11 Kindergarten Johnston
11-12 Kindergarten Thompson
12-1 Kindergarten Wadleigh
1-2 Grade ⅔ Martin
2-3 Grade 2 FI Cook


Enter: Front Door

Exit: Door at the end of the Junior Hall

TIME Class Teacher
9-10 Grade ⅔ FI Murphy
10-11 Grade ⅘ Elder
11-12 Grade ⅘  FI Kautz
12-1 Grade ¾ MacDonald
1-2 Grade 6 Wilson
2-3 Grade ⅘ Higgins
3-4 Grade ⅔ Foote


PORTABLES: Fischer and Edwards

Only one person is permitted in the portable at a time. Please line up outside and follow prompting from the teacher helper to ensure social distancing.
2-3 Grade 3’s
3-4 Grade 4’s

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