What to Bring to School?

Posted August 29, 2020

Dear Families,

Back to School Shopping is a time honoured tradition in many households.  This year, however, we are asking families to only send their children with minimal items this year – just what they would need in a school day.  The following information is taken from the UGDSB Parent Guide, which was just updated again yesterday (Aug.28th) to reflect the newest information.  We also added in a few Palmerston-Specific things too.

We ask that everything that comes to school, as well as all clothing worn to school, is clearly labelled with your child’s name – this includes footwear.

Please send your child(ren) with:

  • knapsack or tote bag for personal belongings
  • lunch bag with containers/packages they can open by themselves
  • face masks
  • personal water bottle
  • seasonal outdoor wear (we plan to be outside A LOT this year)
  • essential classroom materials (pencil case, text books, calculator, notebooks, duotangs)
  • specific items your classroom teacher has suggested
  • personal technology if invited by your teacher – it must be wiped down before classroom use and it cannot be shared with others

We strongly suggest your child wears waterproof footwear to school in the morning because we will be using our field to line up before the bell and the grass is always wet.  Using the field will allow us to maximize physical distancing.  You may send your child to school with a change of shoes so that they don’t have to wear their waterproof footwear all day.  All shoes and boots will be kept at their personal space within the classroom (no coat hooks this year).

Students will be allowed to use our water bottle filling stations in the hallways and classroom sinks (if available) to refill their water bottles.  Drinking directly from water fountains is not allowed this year.

Students will be engaging in regular hand-washing and hand sanitizing throughout the day.  The school will provide soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer with a priority to classrooms that do not have sinks.  You don’t need to send hand sanitizer with your child as we will provide it.

We ask that all toys and sports equipment stay at home.  We will provide extra recess equipment for our students to use this year.

If you have any questions, please check in the Parent Guide linked above and/or reach out to us at the school.  We can be reached at 519-343-3520.

Heather Dyer and Darren Hale
(Vice Principal)     (Principal)

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