Meeting Minutes – September 2018

Those present: Debbie Bush, Kumudinie Kariyapperuma, Tracy Coneybeare, Kathleen McCauley, Aisha Jahanjir, Pat Pettifer, Lorrie Wren, Gillian Prieur, Elijah Coneybeare, Amanda VanSoelen, Leo Song, Shannon Muegge, Jolly Bedi, Martha MacNeil, Maureen Oesch, Rizwana Upal, Heather Jones, Treena Sturm, Krista McGregor, Anita MacFarlane, Rebecca Hewitt, Amanda Dawson, Jane Brown, Jen Edwards, Lynne Vink, Jane Bibby, Martha Rogers

Approval of minutes: Kumudinie Kariyapperuma moved to approve the minutes from May, 2017 and Vikki Brown seconded the motion.

Approval of agenda: Lorrie Wren moved to approve the agenda and Maureen Oesch seconded the motion.


1. Welcome and Introductions

  • Brent McDonald, Martha Rogers, Debbie Bush

2.   Presentation of the Month

Presenter – Judith Nyman

  • Parents participated in focus groups related to our current Secondary Program Review

3.  Board and Ministry Report

Brent McDonald / Martha Rogers


Board Report (Brent McDonald)

  • Brent directed everyone to various resources available to attendees
  • School council by-laws
  • School Council annual letter
  • School Council insurance
  • Risk Management 101 Newsletter
  • How to use PIC $500
  • Parents Matter handouts
  • Babysitting for School Councils
  • PRO Grants – schools will be notified in October if they got a grant
  • Parent engagement website
  • Ontario Teachers’ Federation – practical parent engagement resources
  • People for Education
  • Annual People For Education conference: Saturday, November 10 – Making Connections 2018 – registration is now open
  • PIC Spring event – tentative date Wednesday, April 17th at CWDHS
  • Reminder of School Board app for home / school communication
  • PIC reps and co-chairs to be determined in this meeting


Ministry Report (Martha Rogers)

  • Martha shared some introductory information about our new Minister of Education and her Deputy Minister
  • Things are beginning to move forward in the Ministry
  • Some of our board’s building projects are getting approval now
  • We lost $800 000 in greenhouse gas funding, but we got some of it back through reallocation
  • Trustees and senior administrator salaries are frozen
  • Changes in EA allocation rules may require funding from our board’s contingency funds
  • Martha’s overall message was positive and optimistic

4. Trustee Report

Martha MacNeil

  • Martha MacNeil suggested parents go to the board’s Policies, Procedures and Protocols web page and have a look at policies that are being reviewed

there is a place to offer feedback

  • Martha MacNeil outlined some changes being suggested for Policy 503 which is being reviewed right now
  • Career Education Council – hosts several events – mainly for secondary students

5.  Chair’s Report

Rabia Khan / Debbie Bush

  • Evenings of November 7 and 8 – fall event
  • 2 speakers will be presenting: Chris Vollum and Alyson Schafer

6. PRO Grant Update and Event Planning

Debbie Bush: Have applied for a PRO Grant for spring event

7. Treasurer’s Report

Vikki Brown

  • No report until we get our money from the Ministry for this year

8. Regional Representatives and Executive Positions

Here are the Representative and Executive positions that have been filled to date. Open positions will be revisited in October

Dufferin Representatives (3)

  1. Gillian Prieur
  2. Lorrie Wren
  3. Kathleen McCauley

North Wellington (3)

Guelph (4)

  1. Amanda Van Soelen
  2. Jolly Bedi
  3. Aisha Jahangir
  4. Rizwana Upal (Rockwood) Centre Wellington
  5. Shannon Muegg

Co-Chairs:      Debbie Bush & Kumudine Kariyapperuma Treasurer:  Vikki Brown

Secretary(s):                  Jane Bibby Communications:

SEISSC Committee Rep:  Heather Janes

Wellness:   Maureen Oesch Learning Choices Committee Rep: Ad hoc – short term task:

9.           Questions

  • Request for an update on the new high school
    • Martha Rogers explained that the board has not yet received approval to move ahead
  • Question about EQAO – what will happen with it?
    • Martha Rogers replied that we have not heard anything at this time
  • Question about members of the FSLAC – still need some members at this time
  • Question about the usual PIC meeting agenda – normally no focus group – normally speakers from the board present but everyone stays in the room

Nhi Ton-Nu