PIC Meeting Minutes September 2021

Those present:
Matt McCutcheon,Martha MacNeil,Gillian Prieur,Kumudine Kariyapperuma,Ben McCabe,Jason Boyce,Peter Soveran,Debbie Bush,Anita MacFarlane,Tina Burden Coates,Rachel Albanese,Barb White,Caroline Folgman,Caroline Derderian,Jen Tulloch,Monica Cojocaru,Tara Dean-Witt,Tracy Smith,Stephanie Deward,Leo Song.

Welcome and Introductions

Board staff, Trustees and attendees introduced themselves, shared their roles and explained what excited them most about being at PIC this year. Peter Sovran, our new Director of Education, shared his desire to look at the focus of re-engagement, refreshing and reimagining how UGDSB can be best prepared to meet the needs and goals of our students and families.

Approved September 2021 Meeting Minutes

Nhi Ton-Nu