Dropping Off and Picking Up

Posted September 5, 2017

Happy first day of school! We hope everyone has had an amazing summer.  As you will know from my previous email, as a result of the increase in staff Primrose will have a Kiss and Ride this year to help us deal with the flow of traffic and the lack of parking spots.  The Kiss and Ride is located at the front of the school with a loop in front of the former YMCA doors.

In the morning there will be a staff member at the Kiss and Ride at 8:35am.  If you are dropping off a student in grades K to 3 they will be directed to go through the school to fenced yard.  If your child is in grades 4 to 8 they will be directed to go around the exterior of the school on the pathway to the gated yard.  There is no parking in the Kiss and Ride area.  If your intention is to come into the building we ask that you find a parking spot (realizing there are very few of them.)  

If you are picking up your child at the end of day we ask you to put a note in your child’s agenda or contact the office and let us know.  Please indicated if you would like your child to meet you in the Kiss and Ride, noting that there is no staff supervision at the Kiss and Ride at the end of the day or that you will find a parking spot  and come into the office to pick up your child.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Kimberly Dempsey-Jones


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