Meet the Teacher Slideshow

Posted September 22, 2021

Meet the Teacher Slideshow Night

Thursday September 23rd.

This past week the Board looked at all the organizations of schools based on the number of students in attendance.  I am happy to say that Primrose will NOT be reorganizing.  Students will remain in their same classes for the entire school year.   

 While we cannot safely invite all parents and students into the building at this time, we still want everyone to get to meet their child’s teacher and have a quick peak into their classrooms.   As a result we will be having a Meet the Teacher Slideshow Night at Primrose.  Go to your child’s Google Classroom after 6 pm and click on the Meet the Teacher Slideshow tab.  You will also get to see our entire staff at Primrose. 

We look forward to a great year at Primrose!


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