COVID-19 Outbreak

Posted December 2, 2021

Dear parents/guardians and staff of Primrose Elementary,

This is an update to the information we sent you previously regarding the confirmed case of COVID-19 at our school. We now have more than one case at this time.

As a result of contact tracing, Public Health has informed us that an outbreak has been declared at Primrose Elementary School. This happens in a school setting when there are two or more confirmed cases in a school and at least one of the individuals was likely infected at school.  We know that this may sound unsettling, but we are reassured that WDGPH is undergoing thorough contact tracing as well as outbreak management, with the students and staff in the affected class.

Public Health has also shared that for students and staff who are not a part of the cohort connected to the outbreak, there is currently no additional risk beyond the general community risk of COVID-19. ‚ÄčAny individual in our school who Public Health determined was at a high-risk of exposure will have been contacted directly and provided with instructions.

Please continue to monitor your child for symptoms of COVID-19 and if they do exhibit symptoms, immediately isolate them from others and go to an assessment centre for testing.

Our school is safe and remains open to all staff and students who were not directed to self-isolate by Public Health. Custodial staff have completed a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the school and we will continue to follow safety protocols recommended by Public Health. Contact your health care provider for advice as needed and to go to the assessment centre only if your child has symptoms.

Outbreak Declared Memo Primrose Elementary School_

Primrose School And Bus Case Information Letter December 2, 2021

Thank you,

Marianne Millsap


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