Calling All Gardners….

Posted May 6, 2019

Spring is in the air . . . finally!  The PMPS Nurturing Hands School Community Garden is looking for gardeners.  Having your own vegetable garden is a rewarding and delicious way to grow healthy food and help the Earth by eating locally and thereby cutting down on toxic emissions.
Students will soon be planting the three school plots with vegetables for snack trays for the spring and fall.  Crops for summer and fall harvest will also be planted by students in the Food Bank and Community Harvest boxes.  There are three remaining community boxes available for interested gardeners.
There are two options for these boxes:
1) If a family is interested in having their own plot, the family would provide their own seeds, weed and harvest their own garden and the pathways surrounding their box and would be responsible for one week of watering in the summer.
2) Ms. Ellis is offering a mentoring program to students who are interested in having their own box.  Ms. Ellis would provide seeds for the students of their choice and then meet with students once/week during the growing season to mentor how to plant, care for the garden and harvest vegetables.  All vegetables grown can be taken home and shared with the student’s family.  Mentoring during the spring and fall seasons will occur during a nutrition break.  During the summer, Ms. Ellis will set up a day that works for families to meet the students at the garden for a set time.  Depending on the interest level, students will either have a box to themselves or share a box with another student.
If your child is interested or your family would like to use a box, please contact Ms. Ellis A.S.A.P.:  [email protected]

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