February 7th – Winter Walk Day!!

Posted January 29, 2018


Lots of UGDSB schools participated in Walk to School Day in October. Did you know that there is also a walk to school day in February? Let’s keep the momentum going! February 7th is Winter Walk Day across Canada. It’s the perfect opportunity for parents and kids to get outside together and stretch those legs! Walk to school or at school for daily physical activity, a healthier environment, safer streets, making friends and…having fun! Walking helps kids get those 60 minutes of daily physical activity they need. It’s also a great cure for those winter blues and helps students concentrate better in class.

As a parent you can help your child learn about walking or riding to school safely:

Be a good role model. Demonstrate road safety rules with your child (e.g. looking both ways when crossing the street).

Plan a walking or riding route. Assess potential hazards with your child. Encourage your child to stick to the route.

Remind your child about personal safety. Point out the houses of people you know where they can go for help if needed.

Adopt a buddy system. Walk with a “walking buddy” – a sibling or a friend.

Ask that electronics like iPods and cellphones be put in their bag while walking to school. Pedestrian safety is compromised by texting, earphones and cellphone conversation.

Talk about the rules of the road and pedestrian safety.

Visit www.saferoutestoschool.ca for more information and resources on active school travel.


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