Food and Friends at Home

Posted September 14, 2020

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What is Food & Friends at Home?

An evolution of our Fresh Food for Kids initiative, Food & Friends at Home will be supporting children and youth through their transition back to school. Our Fresh Food for Kids initiative worked to continue to support the needs of children and youth who rely on our Food & Friends student nutrition for food support. While most students will be returning to school, many programs, such as our Food & Friends student nutrition programs, are not able to run normally. This leaves many students who rely on these programs without the proper nutrition needed for a full day of learning.

The Children’s Foundation will continue to support these children and youth by delivering snack kits to families homes, providing one snack for each day of a two week period. These snacks will be similar to what would be provided through a Food & Friends student nutrition program. Families with children and youth supported by our Food & Friends Program will be eligible to register for a Food & Friends at Home kit.

How it works

  • Parent(s) or Guardian(s) with children and youth supported by the Children’s Foundation through our Food & Friends Program are eligible to register for a Food & Friends at Home kit. A list of programs supported by Food & Friends can be found here.
  • Families in need of food support can register for a Food & Friends at Home kit.
  • Only one registration is required per family.
  • To receive delivery, applicants must give consent to share the information on the application form with staff and volunteers who will be packing and delivering the kits.
  • Deliveries will be made every two weeks starting the last week of September.
  • Applicants will receive email notification of delivery details for the kits.

Please click to apply –  Apply for Food and Friends at Home Kit


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