A special “thank you” from Food & Friends and PMPS!

Posted February 14, 2018

Below is a special “Thank you” from Food & Friends to all the volunteers who help run our Snack Program.  At PMPS, we would like to thank the students and families who have donated crackers and funds to help support our program at PMPS, as well as a number of community groups who continue to donate throughout the year.  Last but not least, the person who organizes the whole program for our school – Mrs. A!!  We thank you, Mrs. Anderson, for always having food prepared for our students to start the day off, as well as extra food prepared at lunch in case someone forgot their lunch or is extra hungry that day.  We all appreciate what you give to your school community and we are very thankful to have you as part of the PMPS team!!

Ms. Spike


Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped to make our Food & Friends student nutrition program such a success this school year.  The donation of time that you have given and your ongoing support says so much about your capacity for compassion and generosity.  Thank you forhttp://www.childrensfoundation.org/downloads/positioning-statement.jpg!


Anita Macfarlane

Community Program Director, Food & Friends
Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington
87 Waterloo Ave, Guelph, ON. N1H 3H6
519-826-9551 Ext. 22

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