Free Workshop at ODSS

Posted April 16, 2019

The ODSS staff would like to invite you  to attend a special free workshop at our school on Wednesday May15th, 2019 beginning at 7:00pm in the ODSS library. The workshop is called Risky Business: How to support your teen’s successful leap to High School and is geared towards caregivers of students in grades 6-10.

Featured guest speaker Dr. Victoria Creighton, an expert in adolescent development, will share knowledge and expertise gained over her career. Join us to learn how to better understand your 11-16 year old, the early signs of trouble, and what you can do to help them mature into successful adults.

The session will be of interest to any parent who ever finds themselves wondering how to handle typical teenage parent challenges, especially as their child gets old enough to expect greater autonomy.

The objective is for parents to come away better equipped to understand their adolescent and the importance of open communication, mutual respect and appropriate limit setting in fostering healthy development and maturation.

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