Important Safety Reminders: Please Read

Posted September 12, 2023

Good afternoon,

Please take some time to read the following reminders carefully, as it impacts our student safety. Thank you for your attention to these reminders. 

-Children will need to remain on the tarmac from 820-830am when they arrive before the bell in the morning. This is so children can be properly supervised. This means no soccer field or playground use. 

-When dropping off and picking up kids, please remember that dogs must be leashed and kept on the sidewalk of our property. This is the expectation for all dogs (no matter the size or age). Some students have allergies, a fear, and there is the potential that someone could be scratched or bitten. 

-Please do not park in our front bus loop. Although we have limited bus students, we still have a couple of buses that carry students on them. Today, one of the buses could not safely unload children with accessibility needs. If this continues we will close our front parking lot and eventually move to ticketing. 

Thank you  for your support. 

Andrea Papavasiliou 


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