PMPS Weekly Update November 17th

Posted November 17, 2022

Good evening Mustang Families, 

It’s been a good week here at PMPS. The cold weather has definitely arrived. Students should arrive dressed to be outside for a portion of the day (e.g., recess, junior/ intermediate DPA, outside learning time…). We can support families who need winter clothing purchased. Please just reach out to myself or the classroom teacher.  Our Twitter account is full of updates, please check it out: @margaret_ps . I update our website regularly as well:

The UGDSB is committed to regularly sharing updates with families regarding the provincial labour negotiations.  Regular updates are on the UGDSB website at A link to this website is located at the top of the board website and all school websites. Please check this regularly and do not rely on messages in the media as they can vary from board to board. 

Please note PMPS is a CUPE school. If a strike does happen on Monday, this is what will happen next week as of the time this was posted (November 17th 530pm): 

  • In-person learning Monday Nov. 21, Tuesday Nov. 22, and Wednesday Nov. 23.
  • Switch to remote learning for Thursday Nov. 24. (a tech survey will be sent out on Monday and tech will be sent home on Wednesday)
  • Interviews will shift to virtual for both the evening and PD Day.  (more information will be sent out about virtual interviews, next week)
  • While our focus is to keep students in schools learning as much as possible, extenuating circumstances may require that we close schools on additional days, and this may be done with short notice. These circumstances could include, but are not limited to:
    • Maintenance issues with no qualified staff to tend to the work. CUPE maintenance staff work in ALL UGDSB schools/sites. 
    • Weather conditions putting a further strain on the system and staffing resources due to required snow and ice clearing, salting, mopping floors to ensure safety, etc. 
    • Inclement weather: Typical to every winter, inclement weather might mean that schools must close and we would have to notify families of the shift to remote learning that morning. 
  • Changes at ALL UGDSB schools/sites:
  • Community Use of Schools permits will be paused/cancelled at all UGDSB sites.
  • Before and/or After School (BASP) Programs will operate only on the days a school is open for in-person learning.

Regular updates are on the UGDSB website at Please be checking and listening to all phone calls from the UGDSB. 

November Spirit Days: 

November 22nd: Pink day: Anti- Bullying Awareness

Other Important Dates:

November 17th and onwards: Progress Reports Available online (see instructions that were sent home on the 16th or below) 

November 24th: Interview Evening: 3-7pm (instructions went home on the 17th, please see the revised copy and by email as email as well.) *May change to virtual (see message above)

November 25th: PD Day: Parent/Guardian interviews: in person (instructions went home on the 16th)*May change to virtual (see message above)

December 3rd: PMPS Holiday Craft Fair 9am-3pm 


Update from School Council: Please read the attached for School Council minutes:

 PMPS Parent Council Meeting Minutes November 14, 2022

Scholastic Book Fair: Please read the attached Scholastic Book Fair

Progress Reports Access & Interview Sign Up: As you know, the progress reports will be available online on November 17th at our Report Card Portal here: 

or go to our school website and click on UGDSB parent/guardian portal tab on the right hand side of the page and scroll down to find our school. 

Instead of asking each family to print out the document and complete the “Return Slip”, we have attached the “Return Slip” to the back of this page.  We ask that families please complete this after reading their child’s Report Card and return it to your child’s teacher. 

If you are having difficulty setting up, logging in and/or difficulties accessing online report cards, please visit the UGDSB Parent Help websites at and

 If your email address has recently changed, please contact your school office coordinator Ms. Mckenzie at 519-941-3731. 

Online Signup for Parent-Teacher Interviews 

 The window to sign-up for an interview begins November 18th and closes November 24th at 11:00am.  Please sign up for a parent-teacher meeting between these dates.  Interview times are available either Thursday, November 24 from 3:00 – 7:00 PM and November 25 from 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM. 


To sign up for a meeting: 

1)  Go to : or use the UGConnect App – Parents 

2)  Enter your child’s OEN number (the OEN is on the progress report at the top) then their date of birth. 

3)  Select the teacher, day and time slot for your meeting  


Once you have signed up for an interview, it will be assumed that a parent/guardian will be participating in person.  Please email the teacher if a phone call is your preference.  You may receive a call from the School/Unknown Caller.  *** This may  change to virtual (please see message above). 

Milk Sales: Our wonderful Student Council continues to sell milk again, Monday to Friday 1st break only for $1.00. Milk sale profits support our Student Council. 

Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week: From November 21 to the 25th, the Upper Grand District School Board will be participating in Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week (BAPW). During BAPW students, staff and guardians are encouraged to learn more about bullying and its effects on student learning and well-being.  For a parent who is dealing with a bullying incident there are many resources on the UGDSB website to support. Please always reach out to your child’s teacher to discuss as well. 

Resources and Links


Illnesses  at PMPS:  We are seeing a lot of different illnesses in our school population. To diminish the spread of illnesses, families are reminded to screen their child(ren) before school daily, using the Ontario School and Child Care Screening tool and to follow its regularly updated guidance. The link to the screener is . The general rule is if your child is unwell, please keep them at home until they are feeling better. If your child(ren) will be absent from school due to illness or any other reason, please don’t forget to contact the school office and leave a message on the attendance line. Thank you 

Thank you for your continued support. We’ll see everyone on Friday at 830am sharp for school. 

Andrea Papavasiliou, Principal

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