Notice: Temporary cancellation of bus routes due to bus driver absences 

Posted January 24, 2022

January 24, 2022

The Transportation Consortium (STWDSTS) that provides student transportation services to the Upper Grand DSB and neighbouring school boards is advising that due to COVID-19, the Omicron variant and isolation requirements, they may experience higher than normal absence rates for school bus drivers. Over the next little while, it is expected that bus driver absences due to COVID-19 will impact the ability of STWDSTS to service all bus routes on a regular basis. 

In addition to the normal delays related to weather and traffic, routes may be delayed or cancelled due to a reduced pool of school vehicle drivers, spare drivers, and support staff at the school bus companies due to isolation protocols. 

The Transportation Consortium and bus companies are working very hard to minimize disruptions, however as a last resort recognize that some routes may need to be temporarily cancelled.

To address bus driver shortages and avoid cancelling bus routes at the last minute in the morning, some bus routes in the UGDSB will be proactively cancelled to free up drivers. This would happen when it becomes clear that there are not a sufficient number of drivers to complete all routes. To every extent possible, families will be given advance notice in order to make arrangements. 

While this situation is not ideal, we believe that proactively cancelling routes and giving families advance notice is better than a last-minute notification in the morning. This is a temporary solution only, as a result of the current COVID-19 situation. 

A variety of routes will be selected, so one route does not get disproportionately impacted.

How do I know if there is a bus delay or cancellation?

Families are encouraged to visit STWDSTS’s website for transportation updates and sign up for STWDSTS Transportation notifications here: 

You can also follow STWDSTS on Twitter at

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