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Student Success K to 12 Mission and Objectives

Big Ideas

“We want schools…where students feel free to dream about their futures, where they are able to connect their passions with possible career options, and where the opportunities and resources needed to support these decisions are provided”
– Minister’s Student Advisory Council Representatives

Our renewed goals for education

Goal of K to 12 Student Success

Increase the graduation rate to 85%, by increasing credit accumulation, engaging programming, and numeracy and literacy support.


All Upper Grand students are successful within K to 12 schools, and beyond secondary school.


Literacy, Numeracy, Instructional Strategies

Assessment and Evaluation

Student Engagement

Creating Pathways to Success (CPS) – full implementation to begin in September, professional learning communities to continues, coordinated by Lead Board(s) across province.

Mental Health and Interventions

Year three of Ministry Mental Health ASSIST Strategy.