Posted March 30, 2019


Grade 8 Baby Pictures:  Mrs. Soper is collecting baby pictures for the graduation slideshow.  Please email a clear baby picture (.jpg file type) with the subject line:  Baby Photo of __________________  (full name of your son or daughter as you want displayed in the slideshow) by February 28th to vsoper@ugcloud.ca

The slideshow will showcase each graduate by showing their baby picture, followed by their graduating picture.

Library:  Forest of Reading members are meeting regularly to discuss their book selections.  There are so many great books by Canadian authors and it is terrific to see the students so eager to sign out their next book!

MakerSpace Club allows our students to take part in STEM activities through exploration.  These activities are very engaging for students of all ages and the library always has a full house when it is MakerSpace time.

Colour House:  We have scheduled our annual Easter Egg Hunt for April 11th.  Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather. Students will meet up with their Colour House teams to look for paper Easter Eggs in their team colour.  Each egg is worth a certain number of points to be added to our Colour House scoreboard. Look carefully for the golden egg because it is worth 3500 points.

Intermediate Quest:  Bowling was a huge hit with our Grade 7 and 8 students.  We are planning one final quest in May for our Intermediate students.  Stay tuned!

Sports Teams:  Hockey Intramurals have been taking place at nutrition breaks.  Our Intermediate Floor Hockey Team, coached by Mr. Morris and Ms. Perrett will head to Erin Public School for a tournament on April 10th.  We wish our Renegades a fun-filled day!

Music/Band: Congratulations to  both bands, G7 & Gr 8,  who performed to the best of their ability at the Upper Grand Elementary Music Teachers Association (UGEMTA) festival at Harcourt United Church in Guelph on March 20th in the afternoon.  Bravo musicians!

The Grade 8 Band also enjoyed attending the musical ¨Rocky¨ in Cambridge on March 26th as a celebration of their work thus far.  One of their pieces this year is from the original Rocky movie and they were very interested to learn more about the actual story and be exposed to some of the other songs from the movie. (Mr. Collier)

Guitar Club : Guitar Club meets on days two and four in the music room. Grade seven and eight students are welcome to come and join us as we learn some chords (Am, C, Dm, G, F), practice our strumming and picking technique and learn about tempo and playing in unison. We are also learning some practical guitar maintenance tips including keeping the strings in good shape and keeping the instruments tuned.

Skills Canada: On April 4th, 24 Rockwood students will compete in the Regional Skills Canada competition at the University of Guelph. Teams from the Intermediate division include Lego Robotics, Lego Mechanics, Design and Build, Green Energy, and Construction challenge. We are also excited to be taking a Junior Lego Mechanics team this year. We have been very lucky to have Mr. Knierim share his knowledge and experience with our Lego Robotics team and really appreciate him volunteering his time to coach the students!

Junior Drop In: All junior students are invited to drop in to the eco-portable to work on their projects of choice: drawing, talent show rehearsal, crafts, reading, etc. Available twice a week.

Gauss Math Club:Interested Intermediate students are preparing for the Gauss Competition in May.  Students meet once a week to work on math challenges from the University of Waterloo website.

The ROCKS: Representatives to Organize school events that will promote Character building while Keeping school fun! ~ a group of 18 students representing the Grade 6-8 classes that  work as a team to plan special events, theme days and school-projects. The ROCKS meet each Day 3 during the first recess.

Renegade Game Club: Junior and Intermediate students meet each week during recess to play games together.

Eco Team: Earth Hour– Eco Team students will make morning announcements explaining that Earth Hour is one way we can show our support for strategies that help solve the problem of global warming. On March 29th, our school will participate in the board wide Earth Hour by switching off lights and all electrical devices for one hour. Families are encouraged to also recognize Earth Hour around the world on Saturday, March 30th.

Annual Waste Audit

     Twenty Eco Team students conducted our annual Waste Audit on Feb. 20th. Students worked hard sorting and enjoyed analysing the results afterwards. The waste audit gives us information about how much of our waste we are diverting and sending to recycling, which means we send less garbage to the landfill. This year our school’s diversion rate is 50%, an impressive improvement from other years! This means that 50% of our waste goes to landfill and 50% of our waste is being diverted to recycling. Our overall diversion rate is made of up paper diversion and container diversion. By diverting 95% of our fine paper waste to recycling, our school is saving 81 trees this school year! By diverting 60% of our containers (milk cartons, juice boxes, yogurt cups) to recycling, we are reducing how much garbage we send to the landfill. Congratulations on being an environmentally friendly school, Rockwood!

     The waste audit data can also be used to highlight areas for improvement. The total amount of garbage on the day of our audit was 25 kg, and the calculated amount of garbage produced per student per year is 12.8 kg. With this in mind, ways to further reduce waste include sending reusable containers in lunches, to cut down on packaging waste, and taking home uneaten food rather than throwing it out. Sending a small ice pack in the lunch bag can keep uneaten food cool to be eaten later. Eco Team will also continue to promote composting of actual food waste and paper towels and tissues in an effort to decrease waste sent to landfill. The complete Waste Audit results will be posted on a bulletin board at school.

Coding Club: A group of Junior and Intermediate students meet each week to work on their coding projects.  A big thank you to our Intermediate students who provide leadership to our Junior students by helping them learn this computer language!

Knitting Club: We have a dedicated group of knitters in Grades 4 – 8 that meet each week to practise knitting.  Some of us have even advanced to knitting projects! We have students working on bookmarks, headbands, scarves and hats.  A great big thank you to “Gran”, our special volunteer, who joins us each week.

Yearbook: Our yearbook club is working very hard on this year’s yearbook and meet on day 5’s.  We would like to thank everyone who submitted a cover design. It was a very difficult decision to make. We would like to congratulate Nyssa, grade 6 whose design will be displayed on the front cover and Renée, grade 8 whose design will be displayed on the back cover.  All entries will appear in the yearbook. Yearbooks are now on sale for $25. Online payment through Lifetouch is preferred at ybpay.lifetouch.ca  yearbook ID CODE: 13791119 or dropping off the completed yearbook form to Mrs. Rice in the office with a cheque payment to Lifetouch Canada. We will be accepting yearbook orders until May 10.


Rockwood’s got Talent: All interested students considering auditioning for Rockwood’s got Talent should start brainstorming ideas with their friends now. The show will take place the first week in May for Education Week. We will have a meeting soon to review expectations but as long as your activity is safe and the music lyrics are appropriate we are open to all talents! See Mrs. Armstrong-Cameron, Mrs. Wilkinson or Mr. Drumm if you have any questions.


Rockwood’s Glee Club: Glee Club is the place to be!!!  Glee Club members meet Mrs. A every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  We are having so much singing and dancing to our Mary Poppins show tunes.  All Glee Club members will be bringing home an important Glee Club Newsletter next week. So look for it in your child’s agenda.  It will contain all the important upcoming dates, as well as important information about the commitment your child has made.  Please return the bottom portion of the form so I know you received it and had a chance to read it with your child. Information about lyrics, parts and costumes will be sent home by mid-April.  All Glee Club newsletters will be bright pink so they are easy to find! If you have any questions please feel free to email me. p.armstrong-cameron@ugdsb.on.ca Happy singing!


Grade 8 Ottawa Trip:  Look for an information package about our Ottawa trip coming home the first week in April.  This package has forms for parents to sign and return by April 12th. Thank you for taking the time to read all of the information with your son or daughter.

Please remember that you may make a payment for the upcoming Ottawa trip at any time by visiting the Temple & Temple Tours website at:  https://new.templeandtempletours.com/

Click on Student Login and then enter your email and password (created when you registered) in the Make a Payment section on the right-hand side.  Please note that final payment is due by May 4th.  If your son or daughter is still fundraising, you are best to wait until closer to May 4th to make your final payment so that the funds raised may be applied.


School Council: We have moved our School Council Meeting to Wed, April 3rd from 7-8:30 pm. We will have a grade 8 Graduation meeting also on April 3rd from 6-7 pm in the Library. All grade 8 parents welcome to attend.

Stay tuned for more details about our Parents Reaching Out Information Night  where we will be led by local Mindfulness Educator, Sam Shepard on Tuesday, April 25th from 7:00 to 8:15 pm. Join us for a fun, family information evening at Rockwood Centennial P.S.. Learn tips and tricks to help promote mindfulness in your home – technology free. We will discuss the basics of mediation, breath work and yoga. In a world where we often find ourselves and our children overworked, over scheduled and overwhelmed. Learn easy ways to de-stress and decompress, reflect and renew. Please wear comfortable clothes and come ready to move through some basic, beginner yoga postures. No yoga experience necessary.


Diversity Data Survey: From March 22 to April 18, 2019, the Upper Grand District School Board is conducting a system-wide survey, to help the board understand the demographic makeup, diversity and ongoing needs of our student population.

The sole purpose of this survey is to gain a better understanding of the students and families in our communities, so that the board can program effectively and provide the right supports for every student to achieve their full potential.


The online survey is voluntary and anonymous.

The survey is open to all UGDSB staff, parents/guardians of students under Grade 4, and students in Grades 4-12+.  Data collected from the survey will provide the school board with valuable information to help improve our schools for the benefit of all students. Participation from our staff, students and parent community is greatly appreciated.


PARENTS/GUARDIANS, please visit www.ugdsb.ca/diversity-data to complete the survey.


Translated versions of the survey are available in English, French, Punjabi, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin.


The UGDSB is committed to fostering safe, equitable and inclusive learning and working environments for all students, staff and the community, regardless of age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, socio-economic status, employment, housing, sex, and sexual orientation.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact the UGDSB’s Equity Lead Jessica Rowden at jessica.rowden@ugdsb.on.ca or (519) 822-4420 ext. 742.




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