Posted May 3, 2019


Grade 8 Baby Pictures:  Mrs. Soper is collecting baby pictures for the graduation slideshow.  Please email a clear baby picture (.jpg file type) with the subject line:  Baby Photo of __________________  (full name of your son or daughter as you want displayed in the slideshow) by May 10th. The slideshow will showcase each graduate by showing their baby picture, followed by their graduating picture.


Library: Forest of Reading is wrapping up and students have had some great discussions about this year´s selections.  We are eager to find out the winning authors for Blue Spruce, Silver Birch, and Red Maple. There will be an ice cream party for all students who read and discussed at least 5 books from one genre.

A great big thank you to Parent Council for providing funds for our Maker Space.  We enjoy exploring, building, and problem solving together.


Sports Teams:  Mrs. Soper has been coaching our Intermediate Badminton Team.  The team will compete in a tournament on May 10 at Centre Wellington High School.  

Intermediate Track and Field practices will begin in May to prepare for the City Meet early June.


Music/Band: Our Grade 7 & 8 Bands will be performing at the Rockwood’s Got Talent  day show as many of our band members cannot come in the evening due to prior commitments. In June, both bands will be performing at Canada’s Wonderland. Forms will be coming home shortly.


Junior Drop In: All junior students are invited to drop in to the eco-portable to work on their projects of choice: drawing, talent show rehearsal, crafts, reading, etc. Available twice a week.


Gauss Math Club: Interested Intermediate students will be participating in the Gauss Math Competition on May 15.


The ROCKS: Representatives to Organize school events that will promote Character building while

Keeping school fun! ~ a group of 18 students representing the Grade 6-8 classes that  work as a team to plan special events, theme days and school-projects. The ROCKS meet each Day 3 during the first recess.

Renegade Game Club: Junior and Intermediate students meet each week during recess to play games together.


Eco Team:  Earth Week activities included Intermediate students cleaning up and overturning soil in the raised gardens, clearing circles of grass under young trees to prepare for mulching, as well as picking up litter around the school yard. Parent council has donated seeds for vegetable and flowering plants from the Erin Seed Library which we will be planting over the next few weeks. Compost team continues to empty bins twice per week, and our Eco School application has recently been submitted. We look forward to receiving our certification level sometime in June.


Coding Club: A group of Junior and Intermediate students meet each week to work on their coding projects.  A big thank you to our Intermediate students who provide leadership to our Junior students by helping them learn this computer language!


Knitting Club: We have a dedicated group of knitters in Grades 4 – 8 that meet each week to practise knitting.  Some of us have even advanced to knitting projects! We have students working on bookmarks, headbands, scarves and hats.  A great big thank you to “Gran”, our special volunteer, who joins us each week.


Yearbook: Yearbooks are on sale for $25. We will be accepting yearbook orders until May 10. Online payment through Lifetouch is preferred at  yearbook ID CODE: 13791119 or dropping off the completed yearbook form to Mrs. Rice in the office with a cheque payment to Lifetouch Canada.



Rockwood’s got Talent: Our roster of talented students will be performing during the day and on the evening of Thursday, May 9th. The day performance will be from 9 am to 10:15 am in the Gym. The evening performance will be from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Good luck performers!

Grade 8 Ottawa Trip:  Look for an information package about our Ottawa trip coming home in the next couple of weeks.  There are forms that you will need to sign and return. Thank you for taking the time to read all of the information with your son or daughter.

Please remember that you may make a payment for the upcoming Ottawa trip at any time by visiting the Temple & Temple Tours website at:

Click on Student Login and then enter your email and password (created when you registered) in the Make a Payment section on the right-hand side.  Please note that final payment is due by May 4th.  


School Council: There will be no meeting in May. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 11th.


Grade 8 Mathematical Bake Sale:  8B and 8C will be hosting a bake sale mid May as a culminating activity to their Operations with Fractions unit.  Proceeds will be donated to a charity.


EQAO: Each year, we rely on the help of parents and community member volunteers to act as readers and scribes in assisting students who require such support to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in this very important standardized assessment. If you are interested in helping out with EQAO and are available from May 22nd to May 29th please contact our Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT), Mrs.Clyde, at .


Moving in or Out?: Finally, it is hard to believe but we are already starting to plan our organization for the 2019-2020 school year. If you are planning a move to another school this summer, or know of someone moving into our school area for the 2019-2020 school year, please notify the office as soon as possible.


Class Placements: I wanted to comment that in the past, we have received a number of class placement requests for the coming school year. This can make class building very difficult and sometimes hinder the process significantly. Due to our ever changing school population and the fact that our grade 7 and 8 students are on rotary, we will not be taking any class placement requests for September 2019. If your child has some exceptional circumstances that require consideration when doing class placements, please email me directly, Please know that when placing your child in a class, we consider their ability, personality, friendships, learning style, and behaviour. Class building is a lengthy process that is given a great deal of thought by the staff. Thank you for recognizing that we do our very best for each and every student.


Plans of Care: If your child has a life-threatening condition you will be reminded to fill out another Plan of Care for your child for the 2019-2020 school year. Forms and a phone call reminder will be sent out on the same day.


Health Curriculum: This school year, the Ministry of Education has requested that the Human Development and Sexual Health expectations from the 2010 Physical Education curriculum be taught to students. This education starts with children learning about themselves, their feelings, their bodies and about showing respect for themselves and others in a reliable and accurate way. This learning is most effective when parents and schools work together. Parents help their children form values about relationships and their behaviours. To support these discussions, we are letting parents know that this unit will be covered in the upcoming weeks. Teachers will communicate specific dates and times when they will be teaching any themes parents would like to be aware of. There are plenty of resources available for parents to support the learning of the curriculum on the Ministry of Education website:


Mental Health: Talking about Mental Health

May  6-10 is Child and Youth Mental Health and Well-being Week!

Child and Youth Mental Health and Well-being Week is about promoting mental wellness, increasing awareness of child and youth mental health, decreasing stigma and understanding that support is available. Let’s improve everyone’s mental health and well- being!  


The theme for Child and Youth Mental Health and Well-being at UGDSB is: Have a SUPER Week!


Social Connections

Understanding Emotions

Personal Health



Each day of the week will focus on a different aspect of Mental Health and Well Being. The schools will be provided with resources and activities related to each day’s theme.  

As a parent, you can increase the Mental Health and Well-being of your children, youth and family too! Here are some suggestions:


Monday May 6-Social Connection –  “Don`t be shy. Just say hi!“

Say Hi to 3 people that you do not know. Perform a random act of kindness.


Tuesday May 7– Understanding Emotions – “Sad, glad, happy, mad – just be you”

Right now, stop and reflect on how you are feeling. Take a couple of moments as a family to do some deep breathing.  Now, how are you feeling?


On Wednesday, wear GREEN to support Mental Health Awareness.


Wednesday May 8 – Personal Health – “Healthy Self. Heal-thy self”.  Wear green today to support Mental Health Awareness.


Did you know that how our bodies feel affects how good we are feeling? Three of the best things you can do to improve your mood is to exercise, sleep well and eat well. Go for a walk or play a game, get outside, turn off the devices an hour before bed and eat fresh food! The more you do to help your body feel good, the better you will feel!  


Thursday May 9 – Empathy – “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody”.  

When in doubt – be kind.  Try seeing something from another person`s perspective today.


Friday May 10 – Resilience – “If Plan A doesn`t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters!”.  


Mental Health and Well-being means coping with the ups and downs of day to day life. Building more resilient thoughts and skills can really help. Children and youth can also find support by seeking help from caring adults. Take time now to talk with child or youth about who those caring adults are in their lives.


For more information about Mental Health and Well-being and interactive activities with your children and youth:


CMHA Get Loud! A comprehensive resource and tool kits.

Mind your Mind (online)

Fun, interactive options for de-stressing for youth.

Smiling Mind (Free App)

An app that guides you through simple, calming meditations.

GoNoodle (Free App)

Fun interactive body and mind breaks for kids.

At the end of the week, talk with your child/youth about the things that made them feel more connected, emotionally aware, healthy, empowered and resilient and continue to do those things every day!  


Most of all… have a SUPER week!  


Jenny Marino is the Mental Health and Addiction Lead for Upper Grand District School Board


ECO NEWS: Celebrate Biological Diversity Day on May 22nd! The United Nations has proclaimed May 22 The International Day for Biological Diversity to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.


Biodiversity simply means: ‘A wide range of life’” Some of the things we do are harmful, so we need to learn more about how to protect all the different types of life on our planet.


Ideas for your family to celebrate Biodiversity Day!


  • Visit farmers markets in your local area to try new types of produce. Whether you incorporate heirloom tomatoes into your cooking, or try one of the rainbow of colors of carrots, biodiversity can bring a great new experience to your table.
  • View photos of endangered species on the Internet with your child and discuss the reasons why these animals are threatened and why they should be protected.
  • Join a community group and help to remove invasive plants from your local environment.
  • Get out into the world and enjoy all the different types of life your local area offers. Even your street or a local park can have an amazing variety of life you’ve never noticed, from insects, birds, chipmunks, to trees and flowers.
  • Consider planting a pollinator garden in your yard (or in a flowerpot) to help save the bees and butterflies from declining.


For more ideas on how to increase the biodiversity of your own backyard, go to:


Celebrate the diversity of our natural world every day!


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