Posted December 3, 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Progress reports went home two weeks ago and interviews took place last week. Please know that it is always good to talk with you and we appreciate you taking the time to meet with your child’s teacher. We hope that you understand how your child is progressing and that you feel that there is a partnership between you and your child’s teacher. If you didn’t get a chance to come in because it wasn’t convenient, please feel free to call or email your child’s teacher to book another time.

December is here and our mitten tree is already up in the foyer. We hope that you will help us decorate it with new mittens, hats and scarves. We will then donate these to charities who will give them to folks in need. We will also celebrate “12 Days of Giving” where we collect and donate food and paper supplies for needy families. Details are already posted on the school’s website. 

During the last week of school we will be holding our holiday concert. While we don’t know yet exactly what the program will be, we have scheduled it for Wednesday, December 18th from 9am to 10:20am. More information to follow. We hope you can join us.

On another note, the Office together with the grades 6 to 8 Teachers have been working on addressing some recurring safety and behavioural concerns we have noticed growing since September. Reminders, announcements, assemblies and conversations have not been effective enough at reducing the incidents. In response, we’ve created a “Speeding Ticket” system to act as a deterrent for the following concerns: play fighting/throwing snowballs, running in the halls, jumping in the halls, throwing food/eating in wrong rooms and being disrespectful to supply teachers. For the first “speeding” infraction, any grade 6 to 8 student engaging in any of the above mentioned concerns will spend one 25 minute recess in detention. A pre-recorded message from the Principal will be sent out at the end of the week informing parents that their child received a “speeding ticket” and that their child should have informed them. For the second “speeding” infraction, arrangements will be made between the Principal and parents to have the student stay after school in the office until 4pm. A formal letter will be going home in January explaining the reasons  for and the “Speeding Ticket” process itself in more detail. So far, since implementing this system, we have noticed a huge improvement and much happier students. The hallways and the school yard have been much more peaceful and we’ve had fewer incidents. The student body is more calm now as a whole and students are reassured that the school environment will be more pleasant since the boundaries and expectations are more clear and that they are being enforced as well. We appreciate your cooperation with this process and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any concerns or questions.

As we look to the New Year, it would be my hope that many more of our students will be able to arrive at school before the bell rings. It gets so busy in the office when we have a large number of students who are late. Even those students who are three or four minutes late need to check in at the office and this often makes it very busy. Please try to have your children arrive on time. Don’t wait for the rush to pass to drop your children off. We really appreciate your help with this.

Again, we wish everyone the very best of the holiday season. Wherever you are or however you celebrate, our wish is for you to be safe and happy. Thank you for a great fall and we look forward to 2020. 

Olivier Cutz

B.A. (Spec.Hons), BEd, MEd

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