About Ross Arts Program

The Ross Arts Program is an enriched program providing exceptional facilities and experiences for students to pursue a wide variety of Arts courses. The Ross Arts Program not only offers students the widest selection of Arts courses in the Board, but also dedicated facilities for each discipline in which students can develop their skills. This includes newly-renovated Music rooms with practice studios; recently-updated Visual Arts studios; two fully-equipped black box theatres (one with updated LED lights); Media, Photo, Technology, and Mac Labs; and a Dance Studio. The school also boasts the 843-seat E.L. Fox Auditorium and a brand new Gallery space, allowing students to perform and present in professional-level facilities. In partnership with SHSM, students who are part of the Ross Arts Program will also be offered a wide variety of enrichment experiences, such as workshops, field trips, collaborative activities, guest artists, community involvement and connections, and co-operative education roles within art fields. Students who successfully complete the Program requirements will receive a certificate in recognition of their achievements from the Ross Arts Program, as well as a SHSM seal on their diploma.

How does the program work?

Students wishing to specialize in an Arts pathway through Ross Arts Program will be provided with a variety of program offerings leading to Specialist High Skills Major – Arts and Culture (SHSM-A&C) certification and senior level Arts options.

Students are asked to complete and submit the Ross Arts Program Registration Form and a letter indicating previous artistic experiences and future interests. This may be student written or from a teacher and is completed and submitted in the application process.

Registration is encouraged in grade 9 so that you don’t miss out on events and special workshops; however, students may register at any point if they are able to meet the requirements before graduation.

What are the requirements for the Ross Arts Program?

To begin you must:

  • submit a completed Ross Arts Program application

To be eligible to receive the Ross Arts Program Certification upon graduation, you must:

Grade *Course Requirement *Certification Success Reward
9 1 arts credit [drama, dance, music, visual  arts, media arts] see your arts teacher for details toque
10 1 arts credit [drama, dance, music, visual  arts, media arts] see your arts teacher for details t-shirt
11**Register for SHSM 2 arts credits (SHSM REQUIREMENT) [drama, dance, music, visual  arts, media arts] see your arts teacher for details hoodie
12 2 arts credits (SHSM REQUIREMENT) [drama, dance, music, visual  arts, media arts] see your arts teacher for details sweater

* Above indicates the ideal scenario for course requirements & certifications, please email to Ms. Hutchinson  if you have any questions. 

** Grade 11 students, email Ms. Brady  to register for SHSM Arts & Culture. 

At the beginning of every year, you will be given free swag for completing each years requirements as part of our yearly success awards program. Show off your Ross Arts Wear and your accomplishments at the same time!

Follow us  @ross_arts_program so you don’t miss out on the once a year clothing order.

Click HERE to view the all QUALIFYING COURSES that are accepted for the Ross Arts Program.

In grade 11, students register for SHSM -Arts & Culture which is a two credit arts focused co-op. See SHSM website for details.

Upon completion of the program

students will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

As well as a Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) seal on their diploma.

Will earning a SHSM help me get into university/college?

At this point, universities do not consider the SHSM for admissions. BUT… SHSM does provide a definite advantage for students going to university. Students have an edge over other students when they are competing to obtain employment at university. The SHSM qualification and associated training and certifications provide a distinct advantage to students when applying for summer employment or Co-op placements. These qualifications add to a student’s portfolio when going through job interviews.