Senior Art Courses

Given the need for SHSM students to take a total of 4 senior arts courses, we have created a number of choices for the M level programs. There is the gr 11 documentary film/animation course, the comprehensive gr 11 art as well as a gr 11 Craft course (but it is an open level course, not an “M” level). In gr 12 there is the comprehensive gr 12 art course (often called the portfolio course) which requires a gr 11 prerequisite. Given the number of students that were re-taking the gr 12 art again in order to make more art, we began to offer the gr 12 drawing and painting course. Students must take the gr 12 comprehensive art course before taking the drawing and painting course which is an extension of the previous Grade12 art course.

Nhi Ton-Nu


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  12. When I spoke to Simon about The Wire for the Columbia Journalism Review in 2018, he told me stories and characters from the show feel authentic because he was writing about actual situations and people he knew from his days at The Baltimore Sun. He said The Wire was about two Americas – one connected to the promise of American success and advancement, and another completely disconnected from it. “I used to say all the time: ‘Look, there are, let’s say, 479 dramas about one America. For a brief, five-season period, we did a drama about the other America that got left behind.'”

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  13. The Wire was particularly adept at depicting the failure of the US government’s decades-long strategy to crack down on the illegal drug trade, known as “the War on Drugs”. As Detective McNulty manipulates the police department into going after a particularly efficient and ruthless crew of drug dealers in West Baltimore – eventually using the listening devices that give the show its name – we see how the drug business is the only employment left for men of a certain age in that neighbourhood.

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  14. This idea is epitomised by a scene from the third season featuring one of my favourite characters, police major Howard “Bunny” Colvin, played by Robert Wisdom. Colvin is an experienced cop dismayed by how the focus on arrests and seizures of illegal drugs is creating a generation of police officers who have forgotten how to solve crimes.

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  15. Colvin explains this to young sergeant Ellis Carver (Seth Gilliam), noting that Carver has no sources in the neighbourhoods he’s working in to tell him what’s really happening there. Instead, Carver and his compatriots act like an invading army, rolling into the area, arresting a bunch of young men, and rolling out again.

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  16. “You call something a war, and pretty soon, everybody going to be acting like warriors,” Colvin tells Carver. “And when you’re at war, you need a fuckin’ enemy. And pretty soon, damn near everybody on every corner is your fuckin’ enemy. And the neighbourhood you’re supposed to be policing, that’s just occupied territory.”
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  18. In the penultimate episode of the BBC/HBO drama series I May Destroy You, a character turns to Michaela Coel’s Arabella and for a moment seems to break the fourth wall to ask “I thought you were writing about consent?” Arabella, who is writer Coel’s fictional on-screen alter-ego, shrugs, “So did I”. The evident point being that Coel’s masterwork, which she famously wrote 191 drafts of, is so much more than a story about consent: it’s a radical, funny, devastating show about race, art, trauma and rebirth.

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  19. The carrying, then, is an observation rather than an instruction. Bono is singing from the state of exhaustion that marks the final stage of an epic argument, when so many accusations have been hurled and grievances voiced that it is impossible to tell whether the participants have cleared the air to try again or decided that there is no way back. A song so full of disappointment, anger, pain and blame cannot be resolved by a simple cry of “one love”.

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  21. The first time I heard Eurythmics, it felt like a thrilling shock to the system, and somehow a glorious sanctuary. I was seven years old, watching Top of the Pops in the lounge of our Kirkcaldy bungalow, and I was instantly seized by the synth riffs and Lennox’s steely soulful vocals on their 1983 breakthrough hit Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).

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  22. I’ve never caught Lennox and Stewart onstage together, yet their shared legacy always casts a spell. I’ll never forget Lennox’s heart-stirring rendition of Here Comes the Rain Again (an intimate solo date with the BBC Concert Orchestra, 2007). In 2019, I reviewed a starry celebration of Eurythmics’ songbook, as part of Nile Rodgers’ Meltdown Festival; Lennox was undeniably missed, but Stewart was on splendid form, quipping: “Annie and I tricked people into thinking we were all sorts”.

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  23. Nevermind has reportedly sold over 30 million copies worldwide, making it one of the biggest albums in music history. It also arguably forged a kind of globalised youth culture, fuelled by the increasing reach of MTV (which had its videos, including Smells Like Teen Spirit, on heavy rotation). Brazilian cultural studies academic Moyses Pinto, now a professor at Lutheran University in Porto Alegre, was struck by Nevermind’s initial release when he was 11. “I thought: ‘this is perfect’; it sounded like a bright synthesis of noise and pop music,” he says.

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  25. With more sustainable tourism, Lake Bacalar can continue its recovery and restore its reputation as the “Lake of Seven Colours”. And there are several easy ways for travellers to do this, Ibarra said. She advises never to touch, step or sit on the stromatolites in the lagoon. She says visitors should enter the lagoon barefoot, and never while wearing sunscreen or makeup, as both can bleach the stromatolites. More broadly, she said, “stay in eco-friendly hotels, and very, very importantly: reduce your waste.”

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  27. The greater glider is the only member of the ringtail possum family that doesn’t have a grippy prehensile tail. But it is also unique from its relatives in that it dines exclusively on eucalyptus leaves (like koalas) and has gliding membranes that run only from its elbows to its ankles (unlike its cousins, which have membranes stretching to their forepaws). This allows them to perform more controlled glides and gives them something of a superhero quality in flight.

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  28. You should also try to make sure that your own talents are clearly visible to other members of management – otherwise, there’s the risk that the narcissist will simply piggyback off your achievements to further their own career. When you are up against a narcissist, you may need to sacrifice some of your usual modesty.

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  29. On a recent evening, Elia Origoni stood at Sardinia’s south-eastern tip, watching the azure sky darken until it merged with the sea, and contemplating the most daunting leg of his ambitious trip. In two days, he would set off on a 405km paddle across the Tyrrhenian Sea in hopes of becoming the first person to traverse Sardinia, Sicily and the entire length of Italy using only his feet, a rowboat and his prodigious stamina.

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  30. For Thomas, as a suburban mom – and a black woman, particularly – she’s careful about whom she tells about her cannabis use, even as she feels judgment is unfair and hypocritical. “You have wine-drinking moms, meeting up for ladies’ night at the bar or playdates at their house and there’s alcohol available while kids are around. If I were to be like, ‘Let’s have a smoke sesh’… everyone would be like, ‘There’s kids in the house!’” she says.

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  31. Although she notes we don’t yet know the long-term effects of cannabis on women’s health, McIlvaine-Newsad also believes the persistent focus on negative effects of cannabis is a political holdover from cannabis prohibition, rather than the product of legitimate medical concerns. “As long as society at large and politicians in general continue to hold the belief that cannabis is bad, then those are the kinds of questions that science will ask,” she stresses. “Not ones like, ‘Can cannabis be used to effectively manage postpartum depression?’”

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  32. Different communities have different levels of stigma around parents using cannabis, even in countries and states in which cannabis is legalised. McIlvaine-Newsad says the social acceptability of mothers using cannabis depends on where a mum is located – whether in a specific US state, the country writ large or in the world. The legality of cannabis plays an obvious role in its social acceptability, though even in places where it is legal, McIlvaine-Newsad stresses “it depends on your socioeconomic status, on the educational status of the community that you live in, and the political status”.

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  33. But, again, we still don’t have a full picture of the risks of cannabinoids and recreational cannabis use – microdosing or otherwise. As a result, for many, cannabis use still stays counterculture, rather than mainstream. Regardless, as McIlvaine-Newsad says, parents are continuing to use cannabis. As an increasing number of US states and countries across the globe make some steps toward adult cannabis legalisation – however slowly – the cannamom movement seems poised to grow.

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  34. “People would be shocked by the diversity in ages, the diversity in race and the diversity in occupation,” she says. “There are quite a few stay-at-home moms who are consumers, and that’s more than OK. I pray that we get to a place very soon where we can have canna-mom nights – let the older kids watch the younger kids and we can just relax and have a good time.”

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  35. Even with the short commute to the valley below, though, Chamois continues to shrink. The population, which once numbered approximately 350, now hovers at around 100 inhabitants. Its residents remain determined, though, and harness the town’s small size and circumstances to experiment with sustainability projects like renewable energy systems.

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  36. Spain’s tablaos – traditional flamenco venues named after the wooden platforms upon which performers spin, sing and strum – were particularly hard-hit by pandemic lockdown restrictions. In tablaos, spectators rub shoulders at tightly spaced tables and performers remain close enough to maintain an electric connection to their audience, one that encourages improvisation and turns flamenco into a nearly collaborative act.

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  37. It’s not just Newhaven. The resumption of traditional fire practices here is part of a nationwide trend towards restoring the health of ecosystems through indigenous land-management practices. With fires doing their work, the land itself regenerates and the animals and plant life return. Newhaven is home to 23 desert ecosystems across its 261,501 arid hectares, and each ecosystem tells its own story.

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  38. West of Bethlehem, rugged stone-strewn mountains frame a green valley winding into the sun-hazed distance. The West Bank village of Battir nestles onto the side of one of the mountains, its beige stone houses blending into the natural surroundings. From afar, the only other hint of human inhabitants is the ancient terracing that lines the mountain like a giant staircase.

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  39. The land around Battir is part of the Fertile Crescent, along with modern day Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. From this region, wheat was domesticated; some of the wheat Sansour and her community work with is approximately 10,000 years old, dating back to the beginning of agriculture. “The reason the English eat biscuits and everyone eats bread is because of our ancestors,” said Sansour.

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  40. There are several contenders that could take the place of fossil fuels in a clean Russian economy. One option would be new sources of energy for export such as renewables, hydrogen or nuclear and potentially even decarbonised fossil energy with carbon capture and storage.

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  41. Sorokinalso emphasised the importance of producing green hydrogen (hydrogen made cleanly by splitting water using an electric current) as well as “blue” hydrogen, which is produced from natural gas but uses carbon capture and storage to attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, scientists have doubts about how sustainable blue hydrogen actually is, warning that greenhouse gas emissions from blue hydrogen can be high, particularly due to the release of fugitive methane. (Read more about the growth of sustainable hydrogen.)

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  42. The idea, known as the “15-Minute City”, aims to bring people closer to the places they care about by transforming urban areas into multi-use spaces and reducing the amount of time it takes to go from one place to another. By prioritising pedestrians, cyclists and public transportation over autos, Paris could find itself once again at the forefront of the world’s urban design.

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  43. Until the 1960s, cars weren’t even on the radar here. At 1,815m in elevation, Chamois was protected from highways and traffic by its sheer inaccessibility. But with the growth of Italy’s transportation infrastructure during the country’s economic boom in the early 1960s, the villagers of this 18th-Century hamlet found themselves deciding if they wanted to embrace the age of the automobile.

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  44. In 1965, 95% of the town’s residents voted against a road that would connect them with the valley below. But they weren’t insisting on isolation. Instead, the people of Chamois requested the construction of a cableway to replace the vertiginous old mule track that had long been the primary way up and down the mountainside. With a link to the nearest village of Buisson in the valley, Chamois would have its first easy connection to the growing web of roads uniting Italy – all without a town full of cars.

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  45. Even with the short commute to the valley below, though, Chamois continues to shrink. The population, which once numbered approximately 350, now hovers at around 100 inhabitants. Its residents remain determined, though, and harness the town’s small size and circumstances to experiment with sustainability projects like renewable energy systems.

    อ่านต่อเพิ่ม โรงเรียนบ้านหนองแร้ง

  46. As well as being a regenerative form of architecture, living root bridges grow stronger with time, self-repairing and becoming more robust as they age. “When it rains heavily, small cement bridges wash away and steel bridges tend to rust, but living root bridges withstand the rains,” says Syiemlieh.

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  47. Root bridges may not be able to outperform the conventional kind in every sense, Lyngdoh notes. A conventional bridge can bear more weight, for example. “But root bridges are much more useful to a large sphere of natural species than the modern bridges we have,” he says. “The living root bridge is a mosaic that’s embedded within the forest. Species do not differentiate between the bridge and natural forest.”

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  48. The lack of historical written information on the bridges has also been a challenge in researching them. Until the British colonial period in the 19th Century, native Khasi inhabitants in Meghalaya didn’t have a written script, as the Khasi way of life is passed down through oral histories. This has meant that documented information on the bridges is sparse.

    อ่านต่อเพิ่ม โรงเรียนวัดนางเอื้อย

  49. Then in a matter of years, studying insect intelligence became significantly more fashionable – and all of a sudden the term “motivation” was abandoned, with researchers making the case for insects having “emotional primitives”, says Waddell. In other words, they experienced what looked suspiciously like emotions.

    อ่านต่อเพิ่มเติม โรงเรียนวัดสวนขัน

  50. “I had always thought of these physiological changes that occur when animals are in deprivation states – deprived of sex, deprived of food – as subjective feelings of ‘hunger’ and ‘sex drive’,” says Waddell. “I’ve never really bothered labelling them as ’emotions’, pretty much because I thought it was going to get me into trouble. But before I knew it, everyone seemed to be more comfortable using that [word].”

    อ่านต่อเพิ่มเติม โรงเรียนวัดหลักช้าง

  51. First, the researchers trained a troupe of bees to associate one kind of smell with a sugary reward, and another with an unpleasant liquid spiked with quinine, the chemical that gives tonic water its bitter taste. Then the scientists divided their bee participants into two groups. One was vigorously shaken – a sensation bees hate, though it’s not actually harmful – to simulate an attack by a predator. The other bee crowd was just left to enjoy their sugary drink.

    อ่านต่อเพิ่มเติม โรงเรียนบ้านทุ่งตำเสา

  52. To find out if these experiences had affected the bees’ mood, next Wright exposed them to brand new, ambiguous smells. Those who had had a lovely day usually extended their mouthparts in expectation of receiving another snack, suggesting that they were expecting more of the same. But the bees who had been annoyed were less likely to react this way – they had become cynical.

    อ่านต่อเพิ่ม โรงเรียนวัดวังรีบุญเลิศ 

  53. There are striking linguistic differences in the way Russian and English speakers refer to friendship, according to Doucerain. Russians only use the term ‘friend’ (droog) for people they are very close to and refer to people they enjoy spending time with as ‘pal’ (druzhishe and koresh), she says. In English, on the other hand, the word ‘friend’ can describe “a wide range of relationships.”

    อ่านต่อเพิ่มเติม โรงเรียนบ้านมะขามเอน 

  54. There could be a historical explanation for these different attitudes to friendship, says Doucerain. “In the Soviet Union, it was extremely risky to have close relationships, even among families,” she says. “The solution was to have a few individuals that you could trust entirely. This notion of trust is very central to Russian friendships.”

    อ่านต่อเพิ่มเติม โรงเรียนบ้านทุ่งแฝก

  55. Whether it’s a playground friend, an Ashaninka-style close cousin, a Russian-style droog, or a fellow dolphin with a taste for deep-water hunting, having a friend and ally in life can clearly make a huge difference. For some, that bond starts in childhood. For others, it may take more time. But as Denworth points out, it’s worth persisting – because it’s never too late to find a best friend.

    อ่านต่อเพิ่มเติม โรงเรียนบ้านหนองแร้ง

  56. I wrestled the remote control off my children and perched on the sofa, bracing myself for what was coming. It was March 2020, and caseloads of a novel and dangerous coronavirus were rising quickly here in the UK. Our Prime Minister was about to announce a lockdown. Schools and nurseries were going to close. Like millions of other parents, I was about to become my young children’s de facto school teacher. The idea filled me with dread.

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