About Us

PIC - Ross R MacKay - Sep 2016Ross R. MacKay is located on the main street of Hillsburgh. The students come from the town of Hillsburgh and the surrounding rural area.

The school was built in 1960 and has had two additions since then. The school site is large and grassy. After completing grade 6, most students attend Erin P.S. for grades 7 & 8.

Principal’s Message

As a Professional Learning Community, the staff at Ross R MacKay is committed to providing learning experiences that:

  • acknowledge student interest
  • seek out higher level thinking processes
  • reflect community involvement, and
  • provide for individual support based on student needs and abilities

I urge and encourage you to become involved at Ross R. MacKay Publc School. Teachers are eager to have parental support in the classroom. Your presence would is valued. Whether it is each day or once a month, there are plenty of opportunities. Even if you could spare half an hour just to read to a child, you’ll make a big difference in the life of a child.

Mrs. Lindsey Tremblay