Bus Conduct Expectations

Students are responsible to the principal for conduct on the bus.
Some of the buses are monitored by videotape, which may be
reviewed by the driver and principal.

Riding a school bus is a privilege.
With this privilege comes responsibilities as stated below:

  1. A student is responsible for compensation for any damage to
    school buses.
  2. Loading: the student shall:
    • arrive at the stop at least 5 minutes before the pick-up
    • stand well away from the road until the bus has stopped
    • line up and board in an orderly fashion
    • check traffic before crossing any road and stay 5-8 paces in
      front of the bus


  3. Unloading: the student shall:
    • stay in the seat until the bus has stopped
    • leave the bus in an orderly fashion
    • continue up the lane if the lane is directly beside the door of
      the bus
    • remain on the shoulder at a safe distance (3 paces) until the
      bus has departed, if it is necessary to walk to the lane way
    • if it is necessary to cross the road, walk along the shoulder
      5-8 paces in front of the bus and cross only when the bus
      driver has indicated that it is safe to do so, checking for


A Student Shall: 

  • follow the directions of the driver and the patroller
  • be courteous and respectful at all times
  • keep off the traveled portion of the road on the way to the pickup point
  • ride only on the assigned bus and be picked up and let off at
    designated stops
  • keep books, lunches, or bulky items on lap
  • not carry any potentially dangerous or objectionable objects
    or materials
  • remain in an assigned seat on the bus
  • whenever possible, leave the last row of seats vacant

The Student should be aware that: 

  • serious or repeated misconduct will be recorded and the
    report may be placed in the OSR and result in loss of

Parent Responsibilities Regarding Bus Travel: 

  • be responsible for the safety and conduct of your child at a
    pick up stop
  • determine if it is safe for your child to leave for school in
    inclement weather and
  • understand that when a bus does not travel in the morning
    due to inclement weather, the bus will not travel in the

Transporting Equipment 

  • Skates: Covered by guards, in a bag, on the floor.
  • Skis and Poles: Transported only if the bus has underneath storage.
  • Hockey Equipment: Permission of a driver is required.
  • Musical Instruments: Must be stored on student’s lap.
  • Other Items: to be determined in advanced with the principal and the transportation department.
  • Skateboards, scooters and roller-blades may not be transported on the bus.

Bus Transportation for a Non Bus Student
The school cannot grant permission for students who are not
normally bus students to ride a bus to someone’s house, nor can
bus students go on a different bus than they were assigned.

Consequences for Misbehavior on the Bus 

Incident Consequence
1st Driver warns student and makes a
dated note
2nd Student assigned designated seat
Written note kept by driver
3rd Principal is notified by a
misconduct report
Parents are notified.
Action is taken. Loss of privileges
4th Principal is notified by a conduct
Parents are notified.
Bus privileges will be suspended