Minutes for Salem PS Parent Council Meeting Feb 25/2020

Posted March 4, 2020

Attendance: Ashley Watson; Lindsey Allan; Andrea Catteau; Johanna Hilditch; Vicki Wyga; Erika O’Krafka; Alysha McDonald; Natasha Skerritt; Colleen Trudeau; Andrea Dorey; Allyson Dubler

6:35 start

No minutes for review from last meeting

No skating this year due to a lot of inconsistencies of the school schedule, difficult to plan around the rotating strike days.

Holiday Lunch recap: all seemed to be great. Two seatings worked well, can even shorten the time between the two sittings for ease of retaining volunteers. Food quality was excellent. Guests expressed pleasure with student behaviour. Costs were up presumably due to an increased enrollment.

Principal’s report:

●  There are lots of ​amazing things​happening at Salem.

    • One of our Kindergarten classes noticed that someone was filling the bird feeders

      out front of our school. So they wrote a letter to the person, who wrote back! Turns out a neighbour from across the road was doing it so as a thank you they made cookies for him.

    • The other Kindergarten class made chocolate smelling playdough and were working on oral communication, turn taking and problem solving while playing with it. Smelled awesome when you walked into the class!
    • Family day was celebrated in one of our classes with families when they were invited in to toboggan and have cider. We had a great turn out of families and I heard many positives about it.
    • The snow sculptures being built around the yard could win awards, especially if you have a great imagination. We have a snowman named Frappuccino, a horse that is big enough to ride, and so many forts!
    • One of our grade 5⁄6 classes helped a Canadian veteran, Fred Arsenault, celebrate his upcoming 100th birthday by making him birthday cards. These were mailed last week. (Picture)
    • Crazy carpeting has been going really well. Students are following the rules and sledding safely. I especially noticed that families new to Salem love the opportunity to sled at recess.
    • The grade 3⁄4 class has written some amazing poetry, so proud of all their writing.
  • Students​- We do have some students that are struggling right now, lots of plans and supports are being put into place for them. With all the unknown and disruptions it is making it challenging for students who really need the routine and schedule. Teachers are working hard to maintain as much consistency as they can in classrooms and to limit additional disruptions to help all our students.
  • Labour​ – At this time, we do not know the dates of any other potential strike dates that could impact our schools, aside from Friday February 28. A great place to check for information and updates about the strike is the Upper Grand District School Board Website. If you google Upper Grand Labour you will get to the webpage. ​This webpage provides on-going updates regarding labour issues affecting the school system. Updates will be posted as information becomes available.​ Current job action is related to provincial bargaining.
  • Kindergarten Registration​– We are up to 37 registrants for Kindergarten. Which at this point is the same as last year. We do have 39 grade six students leaving so right now our population is very constant. We do expect this to change based on new building in the area.
  • We have just begun to hear about families who may be moving in or out of the school area. If you know of anyone moving in or out please ask them to pop in or call the school. The more exact our numbers are for the fall the easier it is to plan for classes.
  • In our area we have a “​Development Area”​(DA). A Development Area (DA) is an area designated by the Board which is not part of a school attendance area. Students from these areas are assigned to holding schools that have space available. Temporary holding school assignments are reviewed each year. In some cases, DAs continue to be assigned to holding schools until a new school is built in the community. In other cases, all or a portion of a DA may be incorporated into an existing school’s attendance area. Individuals who move into a DA are advised of the DA status through a clause in their Purchase and Sale Agreement, and by a warning statement posted on subdivision signs in new residential developments. The North Fergus DA was established in 2009/10 in response to the design of a secondary plan in northwest Fergus which proposed upwards of 1,500 residential units. Construction of the new Storybrook subdivision is underway, and the board has reserved an elementary school site in Phase 1 of the development. On September 30, 2019 the board applied to the Ministry of Education to fund the construction of an elementary school in the Storybrook subdivision. The North Fergus DA is currently assigned to Salem PS for JK-6 and Elora PS for Grades 7-8. Recent development in this area, as well as more generally in the Salem PS boundary, is placing pressure on Salem PS to accommodate enrollment growth. In order to balance enrollment growth until a new school is constructed,the North Fergus DA assignment be adjusted so that JK-3 attend Salem PS and Grades 4-8 attend Elora PS. Elora PS is larger school and is able to accommodate portables more easily than Salem PS. We can hold about four portables here at Salem. At this point we have had very few families register from this area. We expect to see an increase over the next few months as closing dates occur.
  • Hotdog day – May 13, 20, 27, June 3, 10, 17
  • Hockey Net – We are looking for someone to repair a hockey net. Lyndsay Allan offered.

Hot Dog days set for 6 weeks on Wednesdays beginning May 13th

Frozen Yoghurt day will be the last Wednesday of June

Treasurer’s report:

Fundraising – next year look to putting out a whole calendar of events at the beginning of the year so parents can plan which one(s) they may wish to participate in. Decrease the quantity of fundraisers but increase what goes into them to maximize benefit. If everything for  a fundraiser is going to be done on-line, we need to increase advertising for each event. People are missing out. A thought is to add basket raffle type activity and/or silent auction to June Jamboree. Mother’s Pantry and Elmira Poultry still to come this year. Looking for an idea for a Large Event for a Playground Fundraiser.

June Jamboree: Alysha McDonald, Andrea Catteau and Johanna Hilditch have offered to help organize for this year.

Snack Program: Volunteer time constraints have limited the amount of snack programming this year, however good food is always available and it is being appreciated. Perhaps more exposure to parents of this worthy program will help get more volunteering

Food and Friends has asked that we raise 20% of our yearly needs to cover food costs. We do usually hit around that target. Food and Friends grant will not be revoked if we miss the target, but please try.

There will be no “Lunch” in March. We just had the February Grilled Cheese one last week, and with March Break, there’s not a lot of time left.

Yearbook report: Ampersand quote for 150 books similar style to last year, but better quality $11.52 +tax. Charging $15 per book will cover extras ordered either for give aways or people who missed ordering deadline

Elmira Poultry allocation: year end trip (if there is a year end trip) or the playground fund in the event of no trip.

Movie Night: April 23rd allocation “for student activities and resources”

April 28th next meeting

8:15 end





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