Student Arrival and Dismissal at Salem Public School

Posted October 2, 2020

We have made some changes to the drop-off/pick-up for our students to ensure that students and parents can continue to physically distance! Please review this information to help plan for dropping off and picking up. Walking and cycling to and from school are great ways to be active and healthy.

The attached Routes to School Map shows the Access and Safe Routes to Salem Public School which includes popular walking routes to Salem Public School.  Use the map to plan your route to school and practice the journey with your family. The Routes to School Map shows you a suggested “Walk a Block” location. 

Please note the following important points:

The front driveway is for school bus use only. The parking lot (west of the school) is closed to parents from 8:40-9:00 and again from 3:20-3:30 to ensure our grade 1-6 walker/pick up students are safe.

If you are parking to accompany your child to the school yard or you are picking-up by car in the afternoon, please park on Milford Cres, James St. or on a nearby public street where parking is permitted – parking along Woolwich directly in front of the school has become worrisome as this road is very busy. If you travel to school by car, consider parking and ‘walk-a-block-or-two’ to help reduce traffic and congestion around our school.

When we walk to school, even if it is just for the last few blocks, we contribute to a happier, healthier, cleaner, and safer school neighbourhood. You can also help to improve traffic safety at our school by:

  • Driving slowly and giving pedestrians right of way at all times. 
  • Observing the traffic rules and only parking in designated parking areas. 
  • Avoid stopping or parking anywhere in the driveways.

For information about the school bus service please visit

We continue to work to support students “Powering themselves to School” to promote a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your ongoing support with these practices and procedures.

Routes To School Map Salem PS

Kind Regards, Natasha Skerritt (Principal Salem PS) 

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