2022-2023 Fundraising Plan for Salem PS

Posted October 5, 2022

Fundraising at Salem PS

We are excited to share with you our School Council plans for fundraising this year at Salem Public School. We are hopeful that having families aware of our plans will help you to know what to expect for this coming year. The plan is to participate in 5 fundraisers over the course of the year. We also are offering a 6th option in the form of donations for which you can receive a tax receipt.

Funds raised throughout this year will be used to support the addition of replacing our playground and adding playground structural equipment, recess equipment, reducing the cost of bussing for trips and helping to pay for students who are unable to afford trips or activities run at the school.

Fundraising and approximate times for this year are:

  1. Mabels Labels – this fundraiser will be on-going throughout the year. At any point families can log in to Mabels Labels and purchase personalized labels.
  2. Raise the Dough – will run in the fall (October) and the spring (April). Information will be sent home about the dates for ordering pizza for your family.
  3. Fundscrip is a “gift card” fundraiser. Fundscrip will be running in November and December.
  4. Krispy Kreme Donuts – Will run in January or early February.
  5. JD Sweid (Formerly Elmira Chicken) and MacMillans (Muffins/Cookies) will run at the

    same time in February/March.

  6. Donations can be made throughout the year to the Upper Grand Learning Foundation.

    https://www.uppergrandlearningfoundation.com/uploads/userfiles/files/contribution-form- may-2020.pdf

Reminder that tax receipts are not issued when purchasing goods however if you choose to make a donation through the Learning Foundation amounts higher than $20 are eligible for a tax donation.

Please feel free to contact the school with any questions. Thank you for supporting the students at Salem Public School.

Letter From Salem Council 2022 Fundraising

Donation Request Letter

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