School Council Minutes – November 2022

Posted November 21, 2022

Minutes – November 15, 2022

Start 6:33pm

Attendees: Natasha Skerritt, Courtney Ecclestone, Lauren Harris Selby, Thomas Samson, Lisa Wyatt, Andrea Catteau, Amanda Marson & Vanessa Cordes 


Approval of Minutes for September: Courtney Ecclestone approves and Lauren Harris Selby seconds. 

Principals Report: (Natasha Skerritt)

  • Lots of events and things happening at Salem
    • Remembrance day services were lovely. We were honored to be able to be a part of the service at the Salem Cenotaph. Our choir had the opportunity to sing at the cenotaph. All our students were very respectful. Kindergarten students also partook in their own services here at the school. During their services they learned about the importance of the poppy.  
    • Junior soccer has finished up and we are proud to say that both our boys and girls teams came in first on tournament day. They were great sports!  The next Junior sport will be Volleyball. 
    • Choir is well underway. The students have been working on O’Canada which they will sing at a STORM game (January 29th at 2:00) as well as the piece they performed at the Cenotaph.
    • Yesterday we recognized World Kindness Day. Students were seen all around sharing kindness. We also had a special cookie to recognize all the kind acts.
    • The fourth portable is now here. We just got occupancy for it. We are excited to say that the students were able to move in this past week and started classes yesterday in their new space.
  • During the last week of school prior to the holidays we will have a variety of spirit days. These will be posted on our school calendar soon. 
  • Strike Information – best way to stay informed is ensure you have the APP downloaded and check the Labour section of the board website. That will be the most current relevant information. 
  • The swing set was repaired. The cost was: $445.33
  • Staff are currently making plans for a chance for students to perform or to run an evening event at the school. At this point a decision has not been made on when this will happen (the staff are looking at possibilities for before the winter holidays, February  or spring time). Not all families will fit in the gym so we are looking at various possibilities. Information will be shared as soon as final decisions are made. 
  • Progress Reports are available on Wednesday
  • Interviews are Thursday the 24th and Friday the 25th

Treasurer Report: (Courtney Ecclestone)

Charitable Lunches: $0

Fundraising: $53.91

General: $498.89

Milk: $0

Nutrition: $5187.13

Parent Engagement: $430.81

Playground: $4364.12

Playground Maintenance $668.77

Student Activities: $0

Teacher Allocation: $0

Total: $11203.63

  • Fundraising amount came from Mabels Labels fundraising.
  • Playground Maintenance withdrawals of $435.43 from swing repair and $796.43 from bolt repair last spring.



  • Order forms have been sent home for families; they must be returned to the school NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 5TH.
  • Payment happens on School Cash Online
  • All the listed establishments have a different percentage towards them that come back to the school, they range from 2-10%
  • Cards will come to the school pre bundled for what each family ordered. The school should have them in their possession approximately a week after placing the total school order in time for the winter break. These would make great gifts for the holiday season or even use for your own groceries/gas etc.
  • Council will determine a pickup date at the school where parents can come and pick up their gift cards rather than sending them home with the children.
  • There will be a Facebook and 5 Things post to remind families about Funscrip.
  • There is potential for more than one school order (if you have a large order and need your gift cards earlier, shipping fees apply).
  • Council may need volunteers for the data entry/ handing out of cards when they arrive.

Raise the Dough:

The fall Raise the Dough fundraiser was a wonderful success! There were 110 coupons used which raised $627 for Salem Public. Way to go families!

Next year we may look at some additional fundraising ideas, flower sale, sledding sponsorship and a silent auction were all discussed as potential possibilities.

Other/ New Business:

EQAO results:


Math 62

Reading 71

Writing 50


Math 46

Reading 79

Writing 71

For more information, please see the school website.  LINK

Playground Ideas:

Looking at ideas for different playground upgrades.

  • Gaga Ball Pit (like dodgeball) $4000- $5000
  • Line painting, a mix of repainting our existing games $25-$35 per game, Colourful games $100 per game and New Games $50-$80 per game. Probably $1000 would get us a nice mix.
  • Equipment $1014.73 would get us a ball set that includes 12 basketballs, 12 Soccer balls, 12 Utility balls, 12 Footballs and 4 Mesh Bags.
  • Looking into the future of our current play structures that will need total replacement in the coming years, approximately $35 000 – $55 000 is needed. Ideally the play structure would be rated for ages 3-12.
  • Also, some benches and picnic tables could be beneficial.
  • A pavilion was mentioned as well, this would entail a proper base put down as well as Board approval for location placement.
  • Additional Tetherball games were discussed, although these tend to break and go missing. We currently have one left.

Council voted yes on ordering holiday cookies again for the children before the winter break.

Next Council Meetings January 17,  April 18 and May 16 2023

End 7:43pm

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