January School Council Minutes

Posted January 23, 2023

Salem Public School Council – Minutes

January 17, 2023 – Start 6:27pm

 Attendees: Natasha Skerritt, Courtney Ecclestone, Lauren Harris Selby, Thomas Samson, Andrea Catteau, Amanda Marson, Johanna Hilditch, Jessie Price & Vanessa Cordes, Kyla Lightfoot 


Approval of Minutes for November: Courtney Ecclestone approves and Andrea Catteau seconds.

A warm welcome to our new principal Kyla Lightfoot!

Teachers Report: (Amanda Marson)

Amanda filled us in on the class that won the Krispy Kreme donut party. Congratulations to Kindergarten C!

Principals Report: (Natasha Skerritt)

Lots of events and things happening at Salem. Including many clubs!  (Some examples of the many clubs are – Warrior Catz, Dance Club, Art Club, Story Club, Poster Club, Choir, Ukulele….and so many more. We are very excited for the upcoming Volleyball Tournament and wish our team luck. Currently teachers are doing lots of assessment as they prepare for report cards. Report cards will be ready for parents to print on February 15th. We wish our choir lots of luck as they sing O Canada at the upcoming Storm Game on January 29th at 2:00.

Ms. Skerritt had a request that each individual student selling chicken in grade 6 be able to have that money directed to their grade 6 camp trip. This was approved by council. 

Treasurer Report: (Courtney Ecclestone)

Charitable Lunches: $0

Fundraising: $53.91

General: $498.89

Milk: $0

Nutrition: $6210.28

Parent Engagement: $430.81

Playground: $4364.12

Playground Maintenance $668.77

Student: $0

Teacher Allocation: $0

Total: $12226.78


Funscrip: We are still waiting on receiving the cheque of approx. $750.00. Johanna is following up on the expected timeline.

Raise The Dough: The money from our fall Raise the Dough was deposited, $627.00

Krispy Kreme Donuts:

  • Our school sold 747 dozen donuts
  • The total profit raised was $4370.00 ($100 for gas and 12$ for donuts for class party was paid for from profits)
  • Funds raised will be put towards a Gaga Pit for the playground
  • We will need to have more than one pickup date for the donuts (in Mississauga) as one trip/vehicle will not hold them all. The bakers will need two separate baking days to fulfill our order
  • Council is looking for any volunteers to help both with the picking up of the donuts and handing them out on the two dates (the 24th and another that week TBD). Also, if any families can wait for their order until the second date that would be great. Please contact Natasha if this is possible

JD Sweid Chicken:

  • This fundraiser will run late February/early March
  • Order forms will be sent home for parents
  • Chicken will arrive to the school on a scheduled date (TBD) and will need picked up from families that day, as the school does not have freezer storage
  • Council is looking for two parents to help with the sorting and distribution of the chicken
  • The grade 6 students will again help sort the chicken orders when they arrive
  • Council agreed for the graduating grade 6 class’s to be able to use their JD Sweid funds raised towards their grade 6 trip.

Other/ New Business:

  • The school received two significant donations for line painting
  • Quotes for the line painting and Gaga Pit will happen in the spring
  • Next council meeting discussions/the planning of the spring picnic will happen
  • Spring Raise the Dough will be in April/May
  • Final council meeting to discuss the booking of Krispy Kreme fall 2023 fundraiser. Approx. for 800 dozen

Next Council Meetings:  March 21, 2023

    May 16, 2023

  • Council date originally scheduled for April was changed to March to allow for sufficient time between meetings

End 7:35pm

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