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Bullying Prevention Plan

Each year schools are required to work with their Safe and Inclusive School Teams to revise their Bullying Prevention Plans. An example of this year’s Bullying Prevention Plan template is included below. 

To access your school’s Bullying Prevention Plan please visit their website or contact the school office directly.

Bullying Prevention Plans make up one part of a whole school approach to helping children and youth to feel safe, included and engaged in school. We know that by working with parents and community partners to develop supports and interventions for our students that we will continue to create safe and welcoming learning environments for all of our students to enhance their success and well-being.

Upper Grand District School Board Bullying Prevention Plan (PDF)

School Bullying Prevention Plan Example (PDF)


Each community has a myriad of local supports and resources that can complement and support a school community’s Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plans. The link below provides a starting point for exploring resources that are being used successfully in many schools and communities. This list of best practice programs and interventions is provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Canadian Best Practices Portal (external link)