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UGDSB Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Team

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion involves both structural and cultural change.  This includes policy development, data and research initiatives, training programs and actions such as hiring, shifting norms, language and perspectives as well as challenging the status quo. Our goal is to create sustainable change that is ideological, interpersonal, institutional and internalized. We can achieve this goal through the process of addressing the roots of inequity in order to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Our EDI Team wants to create a space at the UGDSB where people feel confident in learning new terms, engaging in difficult conversations, and are free to question ideas, thoughts and methods concerning EDI that may currently be unfamiliar. Through our work, we hope to make EDI accessible to all employees and provide staff with the necessary tools to adapt to and navigate EDI conversations. 

We are aware that EDI work has no ending point. Instead, learning in this area is ongoing. People and our understanding of society/each other are not static and just like the geographical landscape; communities change, populations change, and needs change. Therefore, we call upon our UGDSB staff members, students and community partners to actively join us in committing to the ongoing initiatives that are vital in reaching our collective goals.

EDI Venn Diagram