End of Year Newsletter – June 2018

Posted June 28, 2018

Message from the office:

What an amazing month of June we have had at SIB.  We are so very proud of all our students and would like to wish each and every one of you an amazing summer. Be safe, have fun, and make lots of memories.

Students will learn about next year’s class placement on the first day of school. Staff will be outside, with grade signs, and will find each of the students in their classes. They will ensure everyone is where they need to be before they head into the school to begin the new year. Additional information about how class placement occurs and the benefits of split classes can be found in the June 1st newsletter from the beginning of the month.

See you September 4th! Have a great summer.

Natasha Skerritt & Kathy Soule


Congratulations to our

Grade 8 Graduates and to

Mrs. Tyszka, Mrs. Nethery, and Mrs. Soule.

Enjoy the next adventure!

Tentative Teaching Assignments for 2018-2019 Classes

KA – Mrs. Blyde, Ms. Norris

KB – Mrs. Zandbergs, Mrs. Proud

KC – To be determined, Mrs. Higginbottom

Gr. 1/2 – Mrs. Tapper Howden

Gr. 1 – Mrs. J. Munro

Gr. 1 – Ms. Graham

Gr. 2 – Mrs. Dube

Gr. 2 – Mrs. C. Munro

Gr. 2/3 – Mrs. Stam

Gr. 3 – Mrs. Cottrill

Gr. 3/4- Mrs. Piquette

Gr. 4 – Ms. Lockhart

Gr. 4/5 – Mrs. Strimas

Gr. 5 – Mr. Alton

Gr. 5 – Mr. Millar

Gr. 6 – Ms. Smyth

Gr. 6 – Mrs. Coolman

Gr. 7 – To be determined

Gr. 7 – Mr. Rane

Gr. 7/8 – Mrs. Pike

Gr. 8 – Mrs. Kelly Miller

Gr. 8 – Ms. Hayhurst

Special Education – Ms. Craigmile

Librarian – Mrs. Muller

SERT – Mrs. Reeds, Ms. L. Macpherson, Mr. Walker

French – M. Navarro, Mme. Bannerman

Subject Staff –  Ms. Lee, Ms. L Macpherson,

SIB 2018 – 2019 School Day

8:40 – Start of the School Day

10:20 – 11:00 – Nutrition Break #1

12:40 – 1:20 – Nutrition Break #2

3:00 – End of the School Day

*Please note that these assignments are tentative as board staffing has not yet been finalized.


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