October Newsletter

Posted October 1, 2018

A message from the office!

We have had an amazingly smooth and exciting start to our year at Sir Isaac Brock.  It was wonderful to see so many of our families come out to meet the teachers at Open House. The halls were filled with families.  Special thanks to our School Council for supplying the coffee and the Timbits.

A highlight this month at SIB was our Terry Fox Walk. Special thanks to Mrs. Muller, her grade 4 class and all the students involved for their amazing leadership. Thanks also to Mr. Alton and his grade 5/6 class for organizing and selling tickets to the teacher versus student football team. This addition to our Terry Fox day helped to raise additional funds. Together as a school community we raised over $2000 to support cancer research. The final amount raised will be announced next week when the last minute donations have been added in. Thank you all for your support. Way to go SIB!

In the month to come there are many exciting events happening for our students. Fall sports are underway, we have a number of upcoming class trips, and much more. With your encouragement we hope to continue to see many students come out to these opportunities. If you would like to get involved in the school, please do not hesitate to contact the office as it would be great to have more of our parents involved in helping out around the school. There are many ways to help out including supporting sports and clubs, participating in career talks, reading with students, playing math games and much more.

Friday October 5th is the United Nations’ (UN) World Teachers’ Day. This day celebrates the role that teachers play in providing quality education at all levels. Thanks to all our amazing teachers for all that they do everyday!

We hope you all have a wonderful October and we look forward to seeing you with your children in the SIB community.

Natasha Skerritt and Gerard Walker

Lunch Orders! – Fall Orders begin this week! 



In May and June of 2018, Grade 3 and Grade 6 students in the Upper Grand District School Board participated in the EQAO province wide testing.  The tasks that the students are asked to perform are based on the expectations from the Ontario Curriculum for Language and Mathematics. The chart beside outlines the percentage of students in our school, board and province who achieved a level 3 (meets the provincial standard) and level 4 (exceeds the provincial standard) on the EQAO evaluation this past spring.






Thank you for diligently using the sign-in and sign-out procedures and wearing visitors’ badges when at SIB. Please also note the additional safety procedures we have in place at SIB.

  1. All visitors and volunteers need to check in to the office and obtain a visitor badge.
  2. When leaving the school, all visitors and volunteers must sign out and return their visitor badge to the office.
  3. If you are picking up your child from school during the school day please do so at the school office. Our office staff will have your children come to the office to meet you. If you need to leave a message for a teacher please feel free to leave the message with any of the office staff, we will make sure the teacher gets it.
  4. Any parents visiting the playground need to check into the office and obtain a visitor badge. They will also be asked to identify themselves to the staff on yard duty.


Parent Council is off to a fantastic start this school year!  We had a great turn out to our first meeting of the year.  It is so nice to see so many parents involved with SIB.   We hope to see even more parents at our October meeting.  It will be held Tuesday, October 16th at 6:45 pm.

October brings our annual dress up dance-a-thon. Watch for pledge forms coming home as we get closer to the date!  Spirit wear and grad wear will also be on sale during the month of October.


During the next few months we will be practicing our fire safety and lock down procedures. During these drills everyone in the school is asked to follow the same procedures as the students and staff.  If you happen to be in the school at this time, school staff will support you to follow our school-based procedures. We appreciate all that the staff at SIB do to ensure the students are always safe.

Leadership and Extra-Curricular Opportunities

During the month of October there will be many opportunities for students to become involved at SIB. Some the events occurring are:

  • Junior (Grade 4,5&6) Soccer
  • Intermediate (Grade 7&8) Rock Band
  • Me to We Club
  • Homework club for Grade 7 & 8 Students everyday at first break
  • Intermediate Band
  • Intermediate Cross Country
  • Classroom Lunch Helpers
  • Green Team


Please understand that due to safety reasons no pets of any kind are allowed at school or on school property without permission.  Teachers may give permission for pets to be brought to school as part of a special display or project, although they must be consulted first. Some children are highly allergic to certain animals, while others are sometimes fearful of them due to prior experiences. While walking your dog or playing in the playground with your children, please encourage all who use our school and city walks and grounds to be sure to scoop whatever is left behind. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

 Crossing Guard


Talking About Mental Health

Building Resilience

Resilience is our ability to recover from difficulties and adapt to change; to be able to function as well or better after a challenge. Resilience is an important part of good mental health. We all can develop resilience, and we can help our children and youth develop it as well. The following tips are taken from Resilience Guide for Parents and Teachers, by the American Psychological Association. For more information see:


Tips for building resilience:

Make connections
Teach your child how to make friends, including the skill of empathy, or feeling another’s pain. Encourage your child to be a friend in order to get friends.

Help your child/youth by having them help others
Children and youth who may feel helpless can be empowered by helping others. Engage your child/youth in age-appropriate volunteer work, or ask for assistance yourself with some task that they can master. At school, brainstorm with children about ways they can help others.

Maintain a daily routine
Sticking to a routine can be comforting to children, especially younger children who crave structure in their lives. Encourage your child/youth to develop their own routines.

Take a break
While it is important to stick to routines, endlessly worrying can be counter-productive. Build regular breaks into school and home routines.

Teach your child/youth self-care
Make yourself a good example, and teach your child/youth the importance of making time to eat properly, exercise and rest. Make sure your child/youth has time to have fun.

Move toward goals
Teach your child/youth to set reasonable goals and then to move toward them one step at a time. Moving toward that goal — even if it’s a tiny step — and receiving praise for doing so will focus your child/youth on what they have been able to do rather than on what they haven’t done, and can help build resilience.

Nurture a positive self-view
Help your child/youth remember ways that they have successfully handled hardships in the past and then help them understand that these past challenges help them build the strength to handle future challenges.

Keep things in perspective and maintain a hopeful outlook

Even when your child/youth is facing very painful events, help them look at the situation in a broader context and keep a long-term perspective. An optimistic and positive outlook allows your child/youth to see the good things in life and keep going even in the hardest times.

Look for opportunities for self-discovery
Tough times are often the times when children/youth learn the most about themselves. Discuss with your child/youth what they learned after facing a tough situation.

Accept that change is part of living
Change often can be scary for children and youth. Help your child see that change is part of life and new goals can replace other goals.

Have a mentally healthy day!

Jenny Marino is the Mental Health Lead for Upper Grand District School Board

Follow me on instagram: ugdsb_mental_health


Environmental Activities to help celebrate our planet


A walk outdoors is good for our hearts and minds!

Participate in International Walk to School Day on October 3th 2018!

Walk To SchoolIn October we celebrate “active travel” by encouraging students to walk or bike between home and school, or to actively travel as much as they can in their local environments.

“In the ParticipACTION Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card, the overall grade for children remains at a D- for the third year in a row. Overall, only 9% of 5-17 year olds are getting the 60 minutes of heart-pumping activity they need each day. And sadly, only 24% of 5-17 year olds are walking/wheeling/rolling to school. Our tendency to constantly watch over them or keep them indoors to ensure they are safe from risk limits their opportunities for physical activity, endangering their long-term health.”  http://www.saferoutestoschool.ca/

4 ways that walking, biking or rolling can benefit kids    

by Katherine Martinko

  • Outside activity is known to improve academic performance.Children that have had some outside time in the morning arrive brighter and more alert for their first morning class. 
  • Walking gives children good life experience.It’s an opportunity for them to be independent, think responsibly, and make decisions for themselves. Some children feel less anxiety about being at school when they know how to get home.
  • Walking gets children outdoors– and, according to Richard Louv, who wrote about Nature Deficit Disorder, kids certainly aren’t spending enough time outside these days. Find opportunities for your child to get outside and get moving by walking, biking, skipping, or rolling too!
  • Walking/biking/rolling provides daily exercise for children.Obesity rates have skyrocketed in North America, so incorporating physical activity into a child’s daily routine is a good place to start fighting it.

Encourage your children to get outside and get active!


Safe Arrival and Departure Procedures

Student safety is very important to us at Sir Isaac Brock P.S. In consultation with our School Safety Police Officer, we have developed an arrival and departure plan to support our students arriving and departing the school in a safe way. Please familiarize yourself with this plan as well as ensure your children are aware of the safest way to enter/exit the schoolyard. Being on time is a very important life skill. School starts at 8:40. We ask that parents are patient, give themselves lots of time to get to school before 8:40. Supervision on the yard starts at 8:25. We remind parents that staff and students on duty in the morning and afterschool have student safety as a priority. They are doing the best they can to ensure everyone safely arrives and is picked up. Please take a moment to thank them for all that they are doing to keep everyone safe. It takes the whole community to support student safety and we thank you for your cooperation.

Students can “Power themselves to school”:

This method is what we at SIB are encouraging as it promotes a healthy lifestyle, connects students to their community and supports the ongoing work we do with supporting our environment. We would ask that no students walk through the traffic flow of the Kiss and Drive area at any time during arrival and departure of students. Please use sidewalks and cross streets with the crossing guards.

Kiss and Drive (Drop off/Pick-Up)


At SIB we have a Kiss and Drive program. When students are being driven or picked up from school, parents drive through the Kiss and Drive Drop Off Zone (marked with pylons) to drop off their children. Children are asked to exit the car on the passenger side so that they are not entering traffic flow. Each morning, one of our staff members is on duty from 8:25-8:40 AM to open your child’s door, help them get out of the car, and supervise them as they walk to the tarmac at the back of the school. This way, parents do not need to get out of their car to support their children. Once children are safely out of the car, parents are free to exit the area by following the arrows on the pavement. The parking lot will not be available for parking during the arrival and dismissal program at the school to prevent students from walking through the parking lot while cars are travelling. At 8:40 staff must be in the school to start the day. If your child arrives after 8:40 you will need to ensure they get into the school safely and check in at the office to receive a late slip before heading to class.


If you are picking up your child in Kiss and Drive please pull into the school along the KISS AND

DRIVE pathway and stay in your car. A staff member is on duty and will ask students to wait by the school recycling centre and watch for your car. When your child can see your car, they will tell our staff member who will allow them to walk along the grass to your car. During the winter months your child may need to wait till your car comes to the front of the line before they get in if the teacher doesn’t feel it is safe. Once you have your child, please exit the area following the arrows on the road. This will allow for the cars behind you to move forward and advance.

Attention Kindergarten Parents:

If you have a student in kindergarten and you have older students in the school, please have one of your child’s older siblings come to pick them up and then together they can go to the Kiss and Drive Pick-up area together. If you would prefer to park your car and pick up your children, please park on the city streets surrounding the school. Parking your car in the parking lot will not be available during our arrival dismissal program to ensure student safety.


The school parking lot will be closed to cars during our arrival and dismissal program. If you want to park your car you will need to park on city streets and walk onto our school property to pick-up your children. The purpose of this program is to ensure that all our students are safe when arriving and departing our schoolyard.

We encourage parents of older students to drop off and pick up their children in a prearranged spot close to the school (e.g. Howden Cres. or Clough Cres.) in order to assist with the amount of traffic in our Kiss n’ Drive.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

October is set to be an awesome month! 


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