SIB is instituting a ‘FRAGRANCE/SCENT-AWARE’ environment in our school

Posted October 10, 2019

Dear Parents and Families
Sir Isaac Brock Public School is instituting a ‘FRAGRANCE/SCENT-AWARE’ environment in our school. This requirement is a necessary response to a medical concern and will apply to all staff, students, parents, visitors and volunteers who work or visit the school.
Fragrances and scents are found in a wide range of products including perfume, aftershave, deodorant, soap, hand sanitizer, air fresheners, fabric softeners, laundry detergents, facial tissues and candles. Exposure to fragrances and other scented products may trigger adverse health reactions in individuals with asthma, allergies or chemical sensitivities.
In order to protect those individuals with sensitivities to fragrances and scents, we are asking for your cooperation to create a ‘fragrance/scent-aware’ environment at this school. Employees, students and visitors are being requested to avoid the use of these products if they are visiting the school.
While it is recognized that is a personal choice to use fragrances or scented products, the chemicals from these products are, by their very nature, shared as they vapourize into the air and are easily inhaled by others. Today’s fragrances and scented products are often made up of a complex mixture of chemicals.
Please understand that this issue is not about you as a person or about your choice of fragrance or scent, but is about the adverse reaction the use of the product may cause and be considerate of those who are sensitive to fragrances or scents. Avoid using these products in the school or when visiting the school and discuss this issue with your children.
The success of our fragrance/scent-aware initiative depends upon the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of everyone within the school community.
Thank you for you cooperation.

C. Guyitt
Principal, Sir Isaac Brock Public School

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