Safe Arrival and Departure Procedures at SIB 2020-21

Safe Arrival and Departure Procedures at Sir Isaac Brock P.S.


Student safety is very important to us at Sir Isaac Brock P. S. In consultation with our School Safety Police Officer, we have developed an arrival and departure plan to support our students arriving and departing the school in a safe way. If you could please familiarize yourself with this plan as well as ensure your children are aware of how we would like them to enter/exit the school yard safely, that would be greatly appreciated.   It takes the whole community to support student safety.

  • Students could “Power themselves to school”:

This method is what we at SIB are encouraging as it promotes a healthy lifestyle, connects students to their community and supports the ongoing work we do with supporting our environment. Each morning, one of our staff members is on yard duty from 8:30-8:40 AM. However we are encouraging all students to come to the school yard as close to 8:40 as possible to ensure social distancing expectations are honoured. Students should not arrive before this time as there will be NO supervision. We also would ask that no students walk through the traffic flow of the Kiss and Drive area at anytime during arrival and departure of students.

  • Kiss and Drive (Drop off/Pick-Up)


At SIB we have a Kiss and Drive program. When students are being driven or picked up from school, parents drive through the  Kiss and Drive Drop Off Zone (marked with arrows and signs) to drop off their children.  Children are asked to exit the car on the passenger side so that they are not entering traffic flow.  Each morning, one of our staff members is on duty from 8:30-8:40 AM however due to COVID, Staff will not be helping students unbuckle from car seats or open doors.  Parents will not be allowed out of the vehicle while in the Kiss & Ride, so if a child is unable to undo their seat belt independently then parents will be directed to park on a side street near the school and help their child(ren) get to school safely. Once out of their vehicle, children will be directed to the back tarmac to line up with their class and teacher. 

Once children are safely out of the car, parents are free to exit the area by following the arrows on the pavement. The parking lot will not be available for parking during the arrival and dismissal program at the school to prevent students from walking through the parking lot while cars are travelling.

NOTE: If it is determined that staff and students are unable to stay a safe distance, the Kiss & Ride will be removed as an option for the remainder of the pandemic. 


If you are picking up your child in Kiss and Drive (3:00 -3:15 PM) please pull into the school along the KISS AND DRIVE pathway and stay in your car.  A staff member is on duty and will ask students to wait by the school recycling centre and watch for your car. When your child can see your car, they will tell our staff member who will allow them to walk along the grass to your car. Once you have your child, please exit the area following the arrows on the road. This will allow for the cars behind to all advance. NOTE: THE SAME RULES FOR NOT OPENING DOORS AND BUCKLING SEAT BELTS AS THE MORNING ROUTINE APPLIES.

Attention Kindergarten Parents:

If you have a student in kindergarten and you have older students in the school, please have one of your child’s older siblings come to pick them up and then together they can go to the Kiss and Drive Pick-up area together. If you would prefer to park your car and pick up your children, please park on the city streets surrounding the school to park your car as the parking lot will not be available to park during our arrival dismissal program to ensure student safety.


The school parking lot will be closed to cars during our arrival and dismissal times at the school. If you want to park your car you will need to park on city streets and walk onto our school property to pick-up your children. The purpose of this process is to ensure that all our students are safe when arriving and departing our school yard.